Kreationismi edustaa hairiintynytta ajattelua.

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Creationism as a thinking disorder

Richard Bradshaw (Rev)
Mental Health Chaplain, Teesside, England. September 2007

Pastori Richard Bradshaw rinnastaa artikkelissaan anoreksikkojen ja kreationistien ajattelun ja ajattelukyvyn hairiintymisessa.

It is rather like dealing with anorexics; thin people who are convinced they need to lose weight, to the point of putting themselves at risk. Plonk them on scales and the scales are wrong. Show them their emaciated reflection in a mirror and they will still see a plump person. Reason with them and you are part of the conspiracy to make them obese. While anorexia is normally referred to as an eating disorder it is also, clearly, a form of mental illness, whose victims can be sectioned and force-fed to keep them alive – which they will interpret as cruelty. Anorexia is something that happens to other people; they are perfectly normal.

The parallels with creationism are as obvious to anyone who has engaged with it as they will seem outrageous to creationists themselves; which proves my point. Anorexics, victims of an eating disorder, cannot always be helped because the very condition leads to denial of what's wrong with them; creationism we might say is a thinking disorder which also generates denial about its own irrationality. In their own eyes, creationists are sane and impartial, the competent scientists, the faithful interpreters of scripture, the true Christians. To everyone else their science is worthless and their religion deviant; and they can't see it, so they're crazy. They have a religious disability. You can do the equivalent of holding a mirror up to the anorexic, which is to quote the immense body of scientific and theological expertise proving their errors; but to the creationist, this simply proves that you are part of a Satanic conspiracy to undermine the true faith.

Seppo P.
Kreationismi perustuu tietämättömyyteen, se sikiää tietämättömyydestä ja siitä sikiää tietämättömyyttä. Tietämättömyyden levittäminen on kreationismin elinehto ja tietämättömyydessä rypeminen on kreationistin luonnollinen elämisenmuoto

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