Onko kukaan tutustunut tarkemmin Milo Wolffin Wave Structure Matter -teoriaan. Sen mukaan kaikki luonnonlait näyttäisivät seuraavan kolmesta postulaatista.
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Principle I - A Wave Equation

This Principle, an equation, describes how quantum waves are formed and travel in a space medium. The wave amplitudes are scalar numbers. If the medium is uniform, typical nearly everywhere, only spherical waves occur. If observed in relative motion, Doppler modulation and elliptical waves appear. If the medium is locally dense, as in the central region of a proton, waves circulate like sound waves in a drum or a sphere. Principle I is:

Quantum matter waves exist in space and are solutions of a scalar wave equation.

The wave equation is: (grad)2(AMP) - (1/c2) d2(AMP)/dt2 = 0

Where AMP is a scalar amplitude, c is the velocity of light, and t is the time. Its solutions, Figure 1, are a pair of spherical in/out waves that form the simple structure of the electron or positron — an oscillator. The waves decrease in intensity with increasing radius, like the forces of charge and gravity.

depend on the waves we deduce that the natural laws in turn depend on the medium. Thus, space - the medium - is the wellspring of everything.

Principle II is:

At each point in space, waves from all particles in the universe combine their intensities to form the wave medium of space.

The medium = space density ~ mc2 = hf = k’[SUM OF:{(AMPn) 2 x (1/rn2)}]

In other words, at every point in space, the frequency f or the mass m of a particle depends on the sum of squares of all wave amplitudes AMPn from the N particles inside the "Hubble universe", whose distance decreases inversely with their range rn squared. The "Hubble Universe" is of radius R = c/H, where H is the Hubble constant.

8. Principle III - Minimum Amplitude Principle (MAP)

This third principle can be obtained from Principle II, but because it is a powerful law of the universe, which determines how interactions take place and how wave structures will move, I write it out separately:

The total amplitude of all particle waves in space everywhere

always seeks a minimum.

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