Minun kemiansivistykseni on hieman hukassa, ja googletin sanaa: Freebase, mutta eri lähteet antoivat ristiriitaista tietoa... Mitä se siis on

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1. To purify (cocaine) by dissolving it in a heated solvent and separating and drying the precipitate.

2. To use (cocaine purified in this way) by burning it and inhaling the fumes.

Main Entry: freebase
Function: noun
: purified solid cocaine (as crack) in a form that is obtained by treating the powdered hydrochloride of cocaine with an alkaloid base (as sodium bicarbonate) and that can be smoked or heated to produce vapors for inhalation;specifically : cocaine derived from its hydrochloride by treatment with ammonia or a similar alkaloid solution followed by extraction with a solvent (as ether)

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