Thermodynamical five dimensional multiverse of six cycling universes

The Big Bang theory has many oddities as singularity ,inflation , horizon problem, galaxy formation etc... All models of the universe also assume its approximate homogenity inlarge scales. String theory is too complicated and will not explain everything. There should be a simple theory that would reasonable explain the structure and phenomes of the universe.
My theory comes purely from intuition without any mathematical background, but it will explain many problems that other theories and theoretical physics have. I hope this theory would give some new ideas for physicists.

Structure of the multiverse

The multiverse is a five dimensional structure of six fourdimensional universes (time is the fourth dimension). This might be hard to understand, but if you imagine three dimensional cube put to five dimensional universe. The cube has six sides and one space inside. Now in five dimensional world if you “look” inside the cube from every side the space inside the cube “looks” different. In reality the cube is infinite and also the space inside it infinite. So there are six infinite universes in one infinite space.
The particles of multiverse are supersymmetrical and have their antiparticles. There are also many particles that don't fit into our universe.
They will only live short time or they are hypotethical and are assumed to exist. This theory could also be a key to why quarks and leptons are groups of six. It could also explain some oddities in quantum physics. For example the uncertainty principle implies that space can never truly be empty. In reality, the quantum vacuum is filled with particles and antiparticles that briefly appear and then disappear just as quickly. This might be shifting of particles from an universe to an other.
Also with our particle and radiation construction we are not able to "see" what is happening in other universes.

Dark energy and dark matter

Recent studies have shown that most of our universe is unexplained dark energy and dark matter.
In my theory the dark energy and dark matter are mostly situated in other five universes. It is those particles and energy (radiation) from other universes.
We can sense them but we can not “see” them. The reason why we don’t have 1/6 of energy and matter is explained later.

Black holes and quasars

Black holes are “bubbles” in five dimensional multiverse. Inside these bubbles all matter is transformed to energy. Bubbles are formed in one universe and they will burst out in an other. In our universe these bursts are called Quasars and they are the beginning of cycle in our universe.
This is also what we have seen to happen 13.7 billion years ago. There actually was no Big Bang.
I should call it Great Fireworks, because it happened almost simultaneously all over space. Quasars brought enermous mount of energy to our universe as radiation. This energy transformed to particles and from particles to visible matter.

Thermodynamical cycling multiverse

Our universe is going towards heath death and the end of it’s cycle. When it has reached the point where entropy is in it’s maximum and temperature is near absolute zero the bubbles from other universe will burst new energy to our universe and the cycle begins again. Today we are about half way to cycle end. We have already lost some energy to bubble formation. This is why the ratio of visible energy and matter to dark energy and matter ist not exactly 1/6.
If we could imagine this five dimensional thermodynamical system it would best be explained as a bubbling system where energy is shifted from an universe to an other with energy bubbles.

Problem with this theory

Dark energy is a repulsive force that causes the universe to expand at an increasing rate.
This is one problem that I haven t solved. May be the this expansion is just an illusion while the time is relative and has something to do with gravity. I'm working with this.

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Six universes are divided to three pairs of universes. Each pair is of matter and anti-matter and these pairs are mirrors of each other. Total energy of multiverse is zero. So philosophically there is nothing. We are only cause of random events in this 5-dimensional system. The universes will cycle forever. They have beginning and end.

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