Fracas Perfume Exlclusive offer for women! Sensual, lush, elegant, classic...everything a woman should be.

Fracas Perfume by Robert Piguet for Women
This hypnotic fracas perfume fragrance has a dedicated following and is the favorite fragrance of some of the world's most famous women, including Madonna, Carolina Herrera, and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Fracas is remarkably pure, modern, memorable, and provocative. Fracas De Robert Piguet 3.4 oz Eau de Perfume Spray for Women. Spray for women. The fragrance masterwork of French couturier, Robert Piguet, known for refined simplicity and an unerring sense of Parisienne style, Fracas became the fragrance signature of a small and knowledgeable coterie of women. Today, fracas perfume is the most coveted of fragrances; provocative, yet pure, quintessentially modern yet redolent of another, more glamorous time. Fracas is the fragrance of commotion, of tumult and chaos of the heart.
Buy fracas perfume by Robert Piguet for Women 4 Piece Set Includes: 1.0 oz Eau de Parfum Spray + 2.5 oz Body Powder + 4.0 oz Body Lotion + 4.0 oz Body Wash. Take a look and compare, prices, you will find the best offer for you. Save $$$, take the best, you deserve it!

Fracas Perfume: Launched in Paris in 1948 by couturier Robert Piguet, Fracas perfume has garnered a dedicated following that shows no signs of abating. This very heady, sweet floral perfume is a blend of white flowers from the south of France, with notes of tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom, carnation and pink geranium. A cult smash among the hoi-polloi for decades, today Fracas is the scent of choice for Madonna, Kim Basinger, Martha Stewart and Courtney Love. Dubbed "one of the five fragrances that changed the world" by none other than Town and Country Magazine, Fracas is a necessity, to say the very least.

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