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[list:1rjthyed]Catalog: MPRCD01
Genre: Goa
Format: CD Jewel Case (Wav/MP3 320kpbs)
Price : Free (Avaiable for Download)
Current Status: Released[/list:u:1rjthyed][size=200:1rjthyed]DOWNLOAD HERE[/size:1rjthyed]

[list:1rjthyed]01. (00:07:44) Sine Die - The Shaman Trip - 145 BPM
02. (00:10:45) Astrancer - Dzog Chen - 140 BPM
03. (00:09:26) Mindsphere - Molecular Restrictive - 148 BPM
04. (00:10:40) Travma - Zaman - 155 BPM
05. (00:09:59) Ethereal - Stream of Life - 154 BPM
06. (00:08:19) Aura - Walk to Earth - 143 BPM
07. (00:07:02) Lost Buddha - Lost in Paradise - 141 BPM
08. (00:06:22) Infinite Dimensions - Far Beyond the Stars - 137 BPM
09. (00:08:07) Afgin - Tribute to the Sun - 139 BPM
Playing Time : 01:18:24[/list:u:1rjthyed]
Metapsychic records presents its first release, "Pyramidal Trancendence".
A wonderful psychic odyssey with multiple symbols, meanings and concepts.

This compilation is an artistic interpretation of each listener/dancer's state
of mind, when the goa sound enters its intellect and touches in all its senses.

The first 5 pieces begin with a progressive spiritual & emotional ascension
until the top of the pyramid, where this character (the listener) tries to
reach the ether, which is, the seventh sky.

His cardiac pulsation, like the bpm's of the tracks, becomes faster until he
gets trancended and feels, the stream of life. Then, in the last 4 tracks,
he starts to walk down the pyramid, step by step, until he reaches the earth
once again.

He realizes that, at that moment, in the end of this experience, that he has
lived a sublime and peaceful journey. The transition between darkness and
light, between sadness and euphoric/happy feeling. The sensitive touch during
the listening of this VA is intentional.

"Pyramidal Trancendence" was made to deliver this subsconscious message which
is hidden in every goa listener:

despite the dark times that the goa music lives, we're all still keeping the
secret positive hope of a new goa resurrection.

A Big Thanks to all the new masters of Goa-Trance who have been part of this
authentic new school goa compilation:

Yohan , Bruno , Ali , Enver , Fred & Carl , Erik & Christian
Filipe , Dave and Elad.

Metapsychic records would like to thank the following people for their
help and support:

Yohan a.k.a "Noda/Sine Die": (France)
Bruno "Astrancer": (Brazil)
Ali "Mindsphere": (Turkey)
Enver "Travma": (Turkey)
"Ethereal": (Sweden)
Erik & Christian "Aura": (Sweden)
Filipe "Lost Buddha": (Portugal/U.K.)
Dave "Infinite Dimensions": (U.K.)
Elad "Afgin": (Israel)

A special thanx to our beloved friends:

_Kenneth Abildgaard (Colorbox) for his great mastering and professional
work on our initiative:

_Fredrik Haglund and Carl Larsson (Ethereal) for their special participation
on this project with their high quality new version of "Stream of Life".

_Bruno Filizola (Astrancer) for his amazing pro cover artwork which has
inspired us a lot.

_Basilisk (Ektoplasm records) and RAH (Sonic Energy) for being our
online distributors.

And also thanx to all the people who have supported our cause:

Jos Anoebis/Fabien Mars @ Suntrip records, Dj Nick @ Shivlink records,
Tranceform records, Dj Drashko, Dj Goangel, Dj Amphiton,
Beatbiz & Acidplanet communities,, Old is Gold Team,Buddha Mantra,
Serguei @ Tribal Dance, Chatnik aka Alien, Radio Powernet, Manu
To all the old goa artists and pionneers who gave us their golden musical
heritage, and all those we have forgotten to mention there.

And a final thanx to all the goa fans across the world. Consider this
compilation as a gift to all of you!

GOA is still alive!

Metapsychic Team: Filipe "Lost Buddha" / Cosmogenesis / Martin "oCtodur"
[size=200:1rjthyed]DOWNLOAD HERE[/size:1rjthyed]
PS: wanha, mutta ei ole täällä näkynyt.

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Eli mikäs omakustannejulkaisu tää nyt sitten on? Pistin lataukseen, mutta hieman kyllä epäilyttää niin tuotteen musiikillinen laatu kuin ilmaisjakelun motiivikin.

Eli mikäs omakustannejulkaisu tää nyt sitten on? Pistin lataukseen, mutta hieman kyllä epäilyttää niin tuotteen musiikillinen laatu kuin ilmaisjakelun motiivikin.

Älä epäile, vaan kuuntele. Ei ole mikään omakustannus, kuten näet maineikkaasta artistijoukosta. Kuuntele ja nauti, harvoin saa huippulaatua ilmaiseksi ja ihan luvallisesti. Kyseessä on uuden levyfirman promo, jota taiteilijat tukevat.

Toimii sekä oldskool Goa että Psy diggareille.

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