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Eikös USA:kin ollut huolissaan Politkovskajan tapauksesta ja Venäjän tilanteesta. Eipä kannattaisi vatvoa muiden asioita kun oma suhtautuminen vapaan sanan edustajiin on tällainen.

"On January 23, 2002, Sami was taken to Kandahar. There, U.S. MPs pulled the hairs of his beard out one by one. He was forced him to kneel for long periods on cold concrete (he still has marks on his knees from this). He was beaten many times. An MP stuck a finger up his anus, and another said to Sami, “I want to f**k you.” The Qu’ran was thrown in the toilet in front of him.

Sami was transferred to Guantánamo Bay on June 7, 2002. No formal charges have ever been bought against Sami. Indeed, he has been interrogated more than 100 times, and he had to ask to be interrogated about any allegations against him. The only interest that the interrogators showed was to get him to be a cooperating witness against Al Jazeera and say that Al Jazeera was partly funded and controlled by Al Qaida. Sami refuses to say this, even as the price of his freedom, since he says that it is false. The U.S. military now shows no interest in him as an alleged terrorist, and has not interrogated him about anything since he finally secured a lawyer two years ago. "