I have one question to you, my american brothers. One question.

What is the freedom you say you have?

Do you think that freedom is increasing security more and more, letting fear grow and obeying it and same time not caring for happiness?

Do you think that freedom is the right to steal your welfare from other countries?

What is your goddamn freedom, what you are ready to protect and die for?

Let me tell you what freedom is. Freedom is equality.

It consist of

- Racial equality
- Personal equality
- Economical equality
- Sexual equality
- National equality
- Political equality

Racial equality means that skin color doesn't affect your worthiness.

Personal equality means that you can have any kind of mind set, so every personality is treated as equally good.

Economical equality means that the social status is not affected by economical status. Everybody has the same rights, whether you are rich or poor.

Sexual equality means that the sex of a person doesn't have any effect on society level.

National equality means that it doesn't matter where you were born. You are still treated as equal.

Political equality means that everybody has the right to give a vote for everything they want to give it. It doesn't mean a chance to choose between different corrupted people once per four years. That is not freedom. That is forcing to choose from something that will make your life worse. It is like choosing the way you want to die, and you want to live. It is not freedom. It is a threat.

Everybody is equally worth in free world.

Now, my american brothers, I ask you again, are you free?

Are you free with your government?

Are you free with your oil wars?

Are you free with your new laws for increasing the control?

Are you free with your religion?

Are you free with your beggars and robbers and slums?

Are you free?

Is it freedom to dream of getting enough rich to get more rights to do things?

Is it freedom to drive your car with fuel tank full of fuel robbed from Iraq?

Is it freedom to say "Al-Qaeda" in the telephone to get your call recorded?

I say you one thing. If freedom is daytime, it is now night in your country. And the night is called a day. That doesn't make it a day. Night is a night and day is a day, no matter what you say and no matter what legislations you write.

Freedom means trust. Freedom means living without fear. Freedom means equality. Freedom means respect. Freedom means truth.

You are not free, my american brothers. Neither are we here. Evening is coming to here too, and soon it will be night.

Do not fear, do not disrespect, do not let the sun in you to go down.

Because the night transforms to a day when everybody let's their sun of freedom shine and luminate the night.

Like the stars in the night sky, the free souls are now too few to lighten the night. Open your eyes, and let the freedom shine. To see even once a day in this world of darkness.

I know it would be worth it.

Once mankind sees the day what every individual brings to everybody, it will never return to darkness.

Because darkness is slavery. Slavery is forbidden, but every nation is slowly slaverized, by using phrases like "War against terrorism" or "Globalization" or "Free market economy" or "Democracy" or "God".

Countries are illusion, borders are illusion, limited thinking is illusion.

We have around us the barrier of the nation. We are not free. We born free, but we are dragged to the darkness by the slaverization created by the elite.

Elite is not free either. It has destroyed it's freedom by creating so much malfare to so many people, that they cannot enjoy of the fruits they have commanded others to pick to them. They have to eat the fruits in their stone towers, and they are not free to walk in the streets when they want to.

In free nation there is no elite, because everybody is equal.

You may say whatever diipa-daapa to this, but it doesn't change the facts.

And the fact is that there is no freedom in current system.



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