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You were scaring a shit out of me!!! But how far is real immortality in your opinion? What do you think about age slowing technology? They have done something good work, I would like to get some of those newest "breaking pills"...

Olisihan toi ihan siistiäkin että pääsisi todistamaan jotain nuinkin massiivista, ja vielä oman elämänsä aikana, koska se kaikki kummiski alkaa alusta kuoltuasi.

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Sisältö jatkuu mainoksen alla

no voi hohhoijaa... taasko tää sama helvetin rumba alkaa?

muistelen että tuossa vuoden 2003 aikana tuon "niburun" piti tulla jo pisteämään paikat kuosiin... eipä ole näkynyt

"Niburu, Planet X, or 32 other names, whichever you prefer; is the planet which is supposedly going to pass by earth, 14 million miles away at it's closest, in May to June of 2003 on it's journey around the sun every 3600 years"

ihmisillä on sitten vilkas mielikuvitus...

Anteeksi englanti, mutta kun englanniksi kysytään niin vastaan nyt sitten myös englanniksi.

I think that it is not so long in the future when we're able to live much longer.

First, we need to be able to form identical spare organs. It can be achieved by using the base-cells of a clone to grow up an organ with identical DNA with the target body. That kind of organ would be accepted by target body and could be used as spare part replacing the broken one.

So just a little bit of advancement of growing certain organs and specialized cells from base cells. Cloning starts to be there.

That would help us to live longer, but probably wouldn't do much help for our brain, as it cannot be replaced. It isn't so nice to live 60 years demented. Maybe some "updating" by adding cloned and grown up brain cells could help.

Another thing is the aging in a whole. The biggest culprit is the shortening telomer chain in the end of a cell(or DNA?). Every time a cell copies itself, this chain gets shorter. When it gets enough short, the cell cannot copy itself anymore and dies. That's probably one of the biggest reasons why we are getting old. Cells cannot reproduce themselves anymore and start dying more and more.

But there is no reason why this telomer (I probably write it in wrong fashion, sorry) chain gets shorter.

So by doing some enhancements to the DNA to perfect the copying of a cell would result to eternal copy procedure, as long as sufficient ingredients are available.

The reason why evolution hasn't perfected the cell copying is the fact that earth is dangerous place to live. Humans have barely survived 30 years for 99,9% of their existence. There has been no need to prevent aging. Something else has killed people anyway, if not the age. Diseases, predators, younger humans, weather, etc.

So, that's why we get old. We haven't lived so far before. It is enough to be strong 30 years and multiply during that time and then die.

But, some "wiring" to DNA to get copying done in perfect fashion, then aging disappears. Who knows if there are such people who are not aging... They could be behind the curtain ruling the masses. Or who knows if there are to types of humans, those who are not aging (elite behind the curtains) and us.

It is so nice to see, here are people who follow these remarkable times
we are living. I think they will get answers little by little from variable sources (all sciences and technologies having same goal making it faster). That's sure you have to find out information from results by yourself, but it gives us to something reasonable doing, while teaching those who doesn't understand what's happening... It's enjoyable for me
to search files from all possible sources, comparing, and then counting together different achievements of whole world to solve out their meanings.. ... 114518.htm ... .11.30.htm ... -computer/ ... icle_id=10

And the last one, makes me dream about my childhood hero, six million dollar man with lots of body upgradable parts... ... ed&search=

This is just a beginning of creature evolution!!! Life is so wonderful with challenging problems you are opening with your team mates towarding immortal way of life.

mark damiani
You were scaring a shit out of me!!! But how far is real immortality in your opinion? What do you think about age slowing technology? They have done something good work, I would like to get some of those newest "breaking pills"...

The light-filled body makes it possible. In the cell level take place as called age slowing process during transfiguration of the body. We are moving into an area called Photon Band, an area where the energy is more highly charged. This will cause transformation in our cells. The consequence will be the end of aging of our body. In the future person can decide himself when to leave the physical body. This is not yet possible.
Everything is energy and none of this energy is ever lost.

Life is a form of energy. Just as our scientists have not yet yet been able to clearly define where energy comes from and why and how it is generated, they cannot define life either. They can only describe it.
This form of energy, life, is beyond the scope of scientific research, just as our soul is.

The soul is an essential part of the living being, "man." Where was it before the human being was born? Where does it go when the body disintegrates into its material components through transformation. But what happens to the "life", what happens to the soul?

Despite the greatest scientific efforts, research, which is oriented only towards matter, cannot explain what is evident to everyone, namely life, which surrounds us a million fold in the form of animals, plants and microbes.

Everything is energy. Life is energy - it cannot be destroyed, eradicated. Only its form may change. Life in its origin form is spiritual, yes, life is spirit. Our soul is spiritual existence, a spiritual form of life.

For many people outside our Western civilization, it is basic knowledge that the soul has existed before the conception of a person and that it will "outlive" his death. This means that we existed before our birth in the form of our soul, which lives as spirit in the spiritual spheres.

Our soul has been journeyig for a long time. It came once from the pure siritual worlds and that is where it will return, back home to the Eternal, into the heavenly spheres of light. Its journy leads through the realms of the souls, the spheres of purification. Under certain circumstances, it is allowed to "slip" into the body of a human being, in order to discard a part of its burdens in life on earth in space and time. If it succeeds in doing so, it can continue its way home to more light-filled worlds in the spheres of purification. It has then progressed another step on its path.

Therefore, life on earth is only an intermediate station on the pathway of the soul, a journey whose purpose is to reach its original pureness, its original light-power, its original high vibration, by developing spiritually higher.

The soul, the spiritual form with certain very specific - "personal," so to speak - characteristics approaches at the tie of conception and enters completely into the physical human body during the birth of the child. It remains connected to the body until its physical death. (death; when the silver-cord, energy-cord is left the body)

All life processes in man have their origin in his soul. The divine energy of life flows through the soul into the physical body and gives it life for every atoms of the material body.

Everything is energy, even our sensations, thoughts, words and action. The soul is the "book of life." Everything is recorded in it; what the person once felt, thought, spoke and did remains active in the soul after it has left its physical body. This means that we take with us into the spiritual spheres our identity, our consciousness or awarness, our faults and weaknesses, but also our inner joy and our devotion to God. Negative things burden our soul, shadow and darken it. Positive thoughts and actions relieve the soul and make it more light-filled.

It should be our most important task to be able to draw a positive balance at the end of our life on earth, that is, to have a soul which has been relieved of several burdens and shadows. What we take with us from this life is decisive in terms of how dark or how light-filled our soul is when we die, because this determines the further journey of our soul after our physical death.

The soul separates according to its level of development.
Each soul (us) is guided in a different way according to its condition.

After death the soul can awaken (if it is not been awaken during its life time on earth) due to the activities of its guardian spirit and when it has become aware that it is a fine-material being and it can begin its journey according to its level of consciouness. One soul takes the advice and lets itself be guided into the realms of the souls, another one may go its grave and wait for the "resurrection of the flesh," as it was taught during its "lifetime".

As said in the beginning, the soul stores everything that the person experiences in the course of his life, including all religious instruction. If a person was raised according to the thinking of a certain denomination and has accepted it as the truth, his soul will remain with this denomination even after death. This is particularly the case if the church was able to convince him that it alone can give salvation and that the prerequisite for this is that he acknowledge all its teachings. When this soul has been freed from its body, it goes on living in the conception that it still belongs to its church. It still belives that it can find God only in a church building.

But God is not bound to any palce; God is omnipresent as universal spirit, even in the soul itself! As long as a soul has not grasped this, as long as it holds on to what human teachers have imprinted upon it as truth, this influence will continue to be decisive for it. Then, it will shut itself off from what the messenger of light of eternal truth want to explain to it, and it will not be able to find its way around in the beyond and will strive for a new incarnation again and again.

How different it is when a person who is truly united with God, Primordial energy, Primordial light, with light-filled body, passes away. Here you can speak of "going home." This person knows that his soul comes from God and that it receives its life force from Him. He knows that within his soul lies his eternal and immortal life. The soul, the child of God, is always linked with its Father and wants to go back to Him. The person knows that this material body can be compared to a garment that can be simply taken off when it is no longer needed. Years before he goes home, his soul receives impulses that tell it: Separate yourself gradually from your human body.

Certain vibrations of light stream into the soul. It withdraws its streams of life from the physical body very gradually and stores these powers. There are souls from higher spheres around this person who is united with God and, when he dies, former family members and his guardian spirit will be with him. The soul which is still in the human being feels happy because it knows that God is calling it back.

While he is waiting for his so-called death, the person is allowed to look back once more. He reviews his life and forgives where he needs to forgive. Perhaps he may even see beings from far away worlds and he feels the abundance that surrounds him. Then the physical body closes its eyes, breathes deeply a few times, and the human being once again sees spirit beings or more highly developed, light-filled souls. He breathes out one last time and the soul leaves its body. At the same time, this fine-material, flexible form unfolds. The soul is "stable" and lives consciously and joyfully in the spiritual sphere of vibration to witch it has gone.

The soul is surrounded by light. Its guardian spirit or souls from higher worlds instruct it. The soul feels melodies, the vibrations of the planet towards which it tends.
It sees perhaps a street, perhaps a tunnel or perhaps a beautiful meadow. The soul which is aligned with God looks back briefly, asks for support for the mourning relatives left behind, and goes on.

This soul has made progress during its life on earth which now lies behind it. It has moved a bit closer, some steps further on the way home, back into the light that it longs for.

Where will our souls be one day

According to the spiritual law of gravitation - like attracts like - the soul will be drawn to the plane of purification that corresponds to it, its corresponding sphere of purification, to souls which correspond to it.

If a person was self-centered during his life, controlled by his drives and desires, if he wanted to have and possess, if he did not love selflessly, but hated and was envious and pursued only his pleasures - then these burdens were engraved in his soul. After it leaves the physical body, the soul takes along what the person could not recognize and eliminate during his life on earth.

The soul can also continue its further and higher evolution in the beyond, though not as quickly or as easily as in a human body on earth. However, if it is unable to grasp or accept its own task, it will associate with all those who have the same interests in the astral spheres, or will turn back towards earth and seek out those places where it once satisfied its passions.

Souls whose attraction to matter is particularly strong, above all those which are "addicted," seldom find their destination in the astral spheres. As so-called "earthbound" souls, they return to earth and try to influence those people who have the same vibrations, because these people can still do what the souls can no longer commit.

Thus, there are millions of ignorant earthbound souls among us, they surround us everywhere because thay want to share in our lives. They practically hang like clusters of grapes on those people who live solely in the material world, because they can influence them and tap into their life force.

And so, when we nurture negative thoughts and feelings, we give these earthbound souls the possibility to influence us. These souls, which correspond to our low, sunken state of vibration, draw strength from us and endeavor to keep us in this low vibration and, if possible, pull us down even lower.

If a person has already aligned his soul with higher regions, his soul will be attracted by higher worlds after its disembodiment. When the soul has turned to God, the eternal Being, it can also be guided by the high powers of the Being. It will receive the instruction it needs. The soul will gain the knowledge which allows it to advance. Its spiritual consciousness will expand gradually, the indwelling divine powers will unfold. The soul will accept schooling and instruction and it will continue its evolution in the realm of the souls.

From what has been axplained, we can see that when the soul has separated from its body, it will find itself again in a world that is not strange to it, but corresponds to its level of consciousness. The one who wants to know what this world will be like for him needs only to strive for self-recognition. The soul will go to that world towards which it has already oriented itself.

And so, we just need to ask ourself: "Are my thoughts positive or negative? Are they marked by envy, hatred, resentment, jealousy, greed, enmity, strife? Or are they loving and selfless thoughts towards my neighbor? From our answer, we can deduce the present condition of our person and our soul. The sphere in the beyond towards which we now tend will be of the same kind.
During our life it is our task to transform in our life everything negative into positive, so that in the end our book of life will show only a positive balance. Through the purification process, the soul can then become a light-filled, pure spirit being again and return to the Absolute.

This is not possible through self-redemption, but only by acknowledging Christ who placed 2000 years ago into every soul an additional power that supports us, helps us and leads us home. This power is called Christ-spark or Redeemer-spark. But when a person does not recognize his life's task and is not willing to work on himself and purify himself and when he does not consciously accept Christ as his Redeemer, whose power brings about the transformation of the negative into the positive - then his soul will not progress. It will remain in the planes of purification among its own kind, according to the law "like attracts like."

The soul leaves its garment, the physical body, which dies. This process of separation is different for each person, but one law is valid for all:

Just as a person has lived so will his soul continue to feel and live!

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