Nyt voit saada oman Mohammad-pilakuvan julkaistua tanskalaisessa lehdessä. Kaikki tämä vapaan median ja ilmaisunvapauden puolesta. No tolerance for intolerance! No apology for being free!

Dear friends,

I received below mail from a good friend, and I find it worth getting it to your attention. Therefore I quickly translated Katrine's introduction into English. Please take some minutes to read it and make up your own minds.

Katrine wrote in her mail:

DR (Danish national broadcasting company) links to a facebook group that is a reaction to the assassination plans on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard by saying sorry to Mohammed. I find this a strange reply to the fact that people are wishing to kill Kurt. As a reaction to this, my boyfriend and I started a group in Facebook with the aim to save the cartoonist Kurt Wetsergaard's life. You can join and support this initiative by loggin into your facebook account and search for the group "Save the lives of the danish cartoonists". If you don't have a facebook account yet, you can easily start one here:

Best wishes, Merel

You can read more about the group on Facebook below.

Save the lives of the Danish cartoonists

This group is for everyone who wants to support the Danish cartoonists, especially Kurt Westergaard, who religious fundamentalists are planning to kill.

The aim is that all who supports Kurt Westergaard's right to live and draw what he want acts by uploading their own cartoon/drawing of the prophet Muhammad signed by them. Our goal is to collect 10.000 drawings in one week. If we succeed we will advocate for a deal with a Danish newspaper to print a special issue with the 10.000 drawings and the names of the individual cartoonists.

By being visible we will be hard to find. Come on and join us

Please forward this mail to people you know.



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