RCV Engines 2/4- tahtari

RCV Engines
February 2, 2006 UK-based RCV Engines is best known globally for its range of model aircraft engines but the unveiling yesterday of a prototype 125cc Rotating Cylinder Valve (RCV) scooter engine could put it on the map in a far more significant way. The RCV engine is ideally suited to sub-250cc applications such as motorcycles, scooters and power tools where it offers 100PS/litre performance and manufacturing costs akin to those of a two-stroke, with the emission levels and fuel consumption of a four-stroke. International demand for small motorcycle engines is massive with the Chinese, Indian and Indonesian markets accounting for 22 million small capacity engines annually – traditionally, these have been two-stroke engines but with the advent of exhaust emission regulations the bulk of production is now represented by larger, more expensive and less powerful 4-strokes.

2 - 4 tahtarin välimuoto, jolla pitäisi olla ainakin kustannussäästöjä. Tarkemmin sanottuna kiertoventtiilimoottori pieniin sovelluksiin. Kierrosherkkyys voi olla heikko suuren liikkuvan venttiilin vuoksi.

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