A logical idea

How do the particle coming from the space move their kinetic energy more towards the atomcores of heavier substaces?

According to my theory this is how it should be, because a hammer drops to the surface of the moon at the same time as the feather does!

The massiver the atomcore is, the denser energywaves it opens up and the more it possesses so called electons.

The denser energywaves the expanding atomcore opens up, the more it makes the expanding particle passing by to explode energy towards itself.

And this is how all the atoms get an equal amount of kinetic energy
(towards that piece in whose neighbourhood the atom locates) from the expanding particles coming from the space.

When for example the surface of the globe simultaneously pushes itself away from the centre of the globe, we don´t have to try to explain how the globe draws the items towards itself. Everything can be explained with the variation of the pressure. The pressure pushes all the expanding atoms of the expanding globe away from the centre of the globe and the external pressure keeps us on the surface of the expanding globe.

So you can forget all about the gravitation and start to wonder how the universe really works.

The accelerating movement of all the substance away from one certain point that is really far away from the visible universe, may take the visible universe in a moment away from the space where it locates now and at thesame time all energy concentrations have had room to expand

The speed of the galaxygroups that move ahead us accelerate faster than our speed and their speed accelerates more the further they are from us. The speed of the galaxygroups behind us accelerates in relation to us slower the further behind us they move. Because of the expanding of the sector the galaxygroups moving by the side of us draw away faster the further they locate from us and this is how the common redshift can be explained without a magical expanding of the space.

When the stars formely arised relatively all at the same time, the new light did not meet with the light coming towards and this is how the expanding photons could make their speed to accelerate easily at the same relation as they expanded three-dimentionally. So the expanding photons also open up energywaves with which they push eacother away from eachother. The old light assembles for example when it comes towards the sun, because it meets energy that comes towards it and makes the photons to explode their energy more forwards in relation to the motiontrack. Still the common redshift of the light does not vanish entirely from the old light.

Peace and love!


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