"Russia army suicides cause alarm"

"The Russian chief of general staff Anatoly Kvashnin launched a campaign against alcoholism in the army, said to be reaching dangerous proportions." ... kepm361163

"Health alert as Russia’s alcohol consumption triples" ... 647475.ece

"The average Russian soldier receives a pathetic subsistence monthly wage of around $5 U.S. Drug use is extremely high because of the route of cheap illegal drugs from Central Asia and (paradoxically) Afghanistan, and in turn, new addiction has exacerbated the rate of HIV among military personnel."

"Russia's sex slave industry thrives, rights groups say" ... index.html

"Russian police brutality fought
European court helps rights groups convict torturers" ...

"Ruble Hits Post-1998 Trough

16 January 2009
Russia's ruble tumbled to a record low against the dollar after the Central Bank accelerated the devaluation of the currency in an effort to stem the drain on foreign-exchange reserves."

Sellainen se on Venäjän tulevaisuus. Suomen kannalta Venäjän tulevaisuus on tärkeä, koska Venäjä on tärkeä kauppakumppani ja muutenkin Suomen talouden kannalta tärkeä valtio.



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