Venäjä, Kiina ja Japani lipeävät Kiotosta


Ja myös Kanadassa on vakavaa keskustelua aiheesta, Australia ei missään tapauksessa tule mukaan ja Obaman Yhdysvallat pelaa aikaa. Wanhan Euroopan harteille näyttää jäävän koko humppa, ammutaan omaan jalkaan hurskastelussamme. ... 58?Ref=RSS

"Russia might, however, be reluctant to adopt a target as it views emissions increases as a natural part of economic growth, argued a new report published by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) on 4 May. According to the research institute, Russia could seek to reclassify itself as an emerging economy under the new climate regime in order to secure its government's priority objectives. Russia might nevertheless agree to a reduction target if it is allowed to use surplus allowances from the 1990s when its economy plummeted, bringing emissions down, FIIA said" ... 5020090520

"As the world's biggest emitter of these gases, China faces pressure to begin cutting them soon. But Beijing says it and other developing countries should not be forced to accept mandatory emissions caps to solve a problem caused by wealthy countries over the centuries"

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