[size=85:1ghi4owm]Eric Giler Pimps Wireless Electricity at TED 2009 (video) ... -ted-2009/

Building Infrastructure: The Tether Option (avaruushissi)

Mitsubishi, IHI to Join $21 Bln Space Solar Project ... 529lsdk9HI

Tulossa: geenimuunneltu eukalyptus ... sort=false

To Pay for Health Care, Treat Aging ... #more-8177

Twelve Longevity Enhancement Methods Demonstrated in Mice ... n-mice.php

There is No Overpopulation: Only Waste, Corruption, and Inhumanity ... manity.php

Supercavitating Submarines and Possible Future Supercavitation Vehicles ... sible.html

Henry Markam (the Project Director of the Blue Brain project) Interview ... -blue.html

Nvidia CEO Predicts 570 Times More Powerful GPU in Six Years ... -more.html

Genescient Will Have will have Nutrigenomic Products, fully lab tested, by end of 2009 ... -have.html

Adapting plants to be survivable on Mars ... le-on.html

Obesity Accelerates Brain Aging?

Yet Another Reason Not to Be Obese: It Accelerates Immune System Aging ... -aging.php

Ultracapacitors To Cut Plug-In Hybrid Car Costs

Mysterious Tubular Clouds Defy Explanation ... oryclouds/

Wireless Health Monitoring System for under $200 ... under-200/

Nanodiamonds Safely Deliver Gene Therapy with 70 times Greater Efficiency ... -results=6

Happy 150th, Oil! So Long, and Thanks for Modern Civilization

Iraq's Rumaila Oil Field Could Double Iraq Oil Production and a Big Oil Find in the Gulf of Mexico ... ouble.html

Motoman Robot Does It All in Videos (video) ... in-videos/

Get Your Entire Genome From Complete Genomics For $5000 ... -for-5000/

150th Anniversary Of Solar Carrington Event

Telegraphs Ran on Electric Air in Crazy 1859 Magnetic Storm ... 150-years-

Sander Olson Interview of Jeff Welser, Director of the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI) ... elser.html

FastForward Radio -- Human Destiny (podcast)

Korealaisfirma aikoo kloonata tuhat koiraa vuodessa

Renault aloittaa sähköautojen massatuotannon ... 319212.ece

Ydinvoimaa banaanivaltiossa ... 319435.ece

Terveysnäkökohdat kääntävät geeniruoan vastustajan pään

UK Gets Awesome LG Watch Phone (video) ... tch-phone/

Econophysicist Predicts Date of Chinese Stock Market Collapse--Part II

Phones with Projectors: the Competition Begins (video) ... on-begins/

CNano Technology has EPA Approval to Sell Carbon Nanotubes from 500 Ton/Year Plant ... al-to.html

23andMe Leading Way to Democratized Disease Research ... -research/

23andMe - Geenitestejä yksityishenkilöille tarjoava (Googlen osaomistama) yritys

Venter Hopes Synthetic Life Will Be Possible in One Month ... ll-be.html

TED Talks: Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action (video)

Gene Therapy Creates a New Fovea

Life Expectancy and Longevity

MIT and Harvard Monitoring Cancer Tumors With an Implant ... n-implant/

Entertainment Weekly Paper Magazine to Have Video Ad Insert ... ad-insert/

Faster Printable Circuits - A new polymer simplifies organic circuits

How Different Groups Spend Their Day ... aphic.html

Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing- Eliezer Yudkowsky and Scott Aaronson (video) ... antum.html

FastForward Radio -- The Technological Singularity - Ray Kurzweil (podcast)[/size:1ghi4owm]

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