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[size=85:1dtdmydj]China To Double Nuclear Power Plant Build Rate

China Making Largest Solar Power Plant: Two Billion Watts ... plant.html

Thin-Film Solar Startup Debuts With $4 Billion in Contracts

Fortum aloittaa tuulivoimalahankkeen Lapissa

Samsung povaa leditelevisioille hurjaa kasvua

Virtuaalikokoukset leikkaavat lentomatkat

Rovio Does for Security Cameras What Roomba Did for Vacuums ... r-vacuums/

Artificial Blood: Coming Soon to An Artery Near You ... -near-you/

$20000 Per Genome Sequencing For 8 At A Time

Complete Genomics: Nearly Doubled Sequenced Human Genomes Since March ... nce-march/

Snort Stem Cells, Not Cocaine

Why US Economy Is Utterly Screwed ... rewed.html

Hyperion Power Generation Update ... pdate.html

Will Resveratrol Let You Live Forever? ... e-forever/

Big Differences Between European Countries In Heart Risks

Alcor Cryopreservation Case Summaries ... maries.php

Ethics of Human Enhancement Report ... eport.html

Postgendered athletes in sports: Should intersexed persons be allowed to compete? ... hould.html

Uranium from Seawater on a large Scale Update ... scale.html

Solar Photovoltaic Price Drops Continue

Overcoming Bias: Seeing red

Pretty Women Make Guys Dumber

Video of Kurzweil’s Latest Talk at Google ... at-google/

H+ -lehden 4. numero ilmestynyt

Why Heckling The President During a Joint Session of Congress is Not the Smartest Thing You Can Do ... ou-can-do/

The Future and You: José Cordeiro (author, researcher, professor, futurist) (podcast) ... _id=516654[/size:1dtdmydj]

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Google rakentaa mikromaksuja internetiin

Pc-peli laajenee 6 näyttöön – AMD:n hurja tekniikka

The Future of Human Enhancement ... 27,00.html

Waterproof Nanotech Sand Could Change Deserts into Farms ... nto-farms/

An Intermediate Step for Vat Meat?

At Last! First Real Evidence for a Rocky Exoplanet ... exoplanet/

HAL: New assistive walking device ... evice.html

New Extrasolar System Allows Planetary ‘X-Ray’ ... ary-x-ray/

Far More Important than Freeing Music Online - Fighting to Allow College Education to Be Offered at $99/Month ... music.html

New Display Technology, Augmented Reality Glasses and Folding E-Book ... ented.html

IEC / Bussard Fusion has gotten $8 million in Funding ... llion.html

New Silicon Solar Cell Design Cuts Costs

Nanosolar Steps Out With Lower Costs Solar Cells

Superconducting Radiofrequency Cavity Advance for Accelerators and Other Purposes (EMDrive) ... avity.html

Car Running on Algae Fuel to Cross Country on Just 25 Gallons of Fuel ... s-of-fuel/

Fat From Liposuction May Be Good Source for Stem Cells ... tem-cells/

Gene Therapy Fixes Color Blindness In Squirrel Monkeys

3 Genetic Variants Account for 20% of Risk for Alzheimer’s ... lzheimers/

Depressed metabolism blog: The 2009 SENS Conference ... onference/

Half Of Consumed Fish From Aquaculture

FastForward Radio -- Looking Ahead (podcast)[/size:ywcltm6y]

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Lääketehtaasta tulee räätäli

Volvon uutuuden hiilidioksidipäästöt ovat tasan nolla ... 329573.ece

Super Talentilta kahden teran ssd

Intel loikkasi 32 nanometriin

Intel esitteli 22 nanometrin suorittimia ... 00920581/7

Intel CTO Rattner on the Singularity and Accelerating Returns on Technology ... y-and.html

Intel Switching to Optical Connections for Computer Components in 2010 Sgtarting at 10 Gigabits per second and Demostrated the Larrabee Chip ... tions.html

Henry Markram’s Artificial Brain in a Computer (Video) ... ter-video/

World Future Society: 20 Forecasts for 2010-2025

The Speculist blog: Live to see 2025

Z Corp - The Lamborghini of 3D Color Printing and Scanning (Videos) ... ng-videos/

New Biosensor Finds Bacteria In Seconds ... n-seconds/

Ingestible Chip that Reminds You to Take Medicine begins trials with Novartis ... -novartis/

Japan’s New Space Energy Initiative Supports Maslow Window Forecasts ... forecasts/

Silicon Nanotube Battery Anodes Can Store Ten Times More than Graphite Electrodes for lithium-ion batteries ... s-can.html

Gene Sequencing Price Improvement Update ... ement.html

Nextbigfuture Highlights Weeks 33-38 ... 33-38.html

Zenn Plans Only EEStor Drive Train ... train.html

Tesla Roadster Battery Charging And Efficiency

Lower Vitamin D And Higher Heart Death Rates

Reader Photo Gallery: Crazy Dust Storm Turns Sydney Red ... ydney-red/

The Failure to Account For Progress ... ogress.php

FastForward Radio -- with George Dvorsky (podcast)[/size:tshmxj7w]

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Sisältö jatkuu mainoksen alla

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Aubrey de Grey Explains SENS Antiaging for Three and Half Minute Interview on MSNBC Today (video) ... aging.html

Interview With Aubrey de Grey at h+ Magazine ... gazine.php

The Respectable Nature of Longevity Science ... cience.php

Near Term Prospects for Increased Longevity ... eased.html

Cheaper To Remove CO2 From Atmosphere?

Silicon Nanotubes For 10 Times Better Batteries

Vitamin D Lack, Fructose Excess Linked To High Blood Pressure

Lancet Researchers Say Aging Process is Modifiable ... ss-is.html

Smart drugs 'should be allowed’ ... lowed.html

By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain... ... 92555.html

Dellin yllätys: langaton lataus kannettavaan ... nnettavaan

Google avaa Waven ... ven_tanaan

Internetin hallinto pois Yhdysvalloilta ... svalloilta

Tekniikan näpertely liikenteessä tappaa tuhansia ... a_tuhansia

Nettimainonta ohitti television ensimmäistä kertaa ... 0921075/66

DNA Electronics Has a Hand Held Genetic Testing Device - Interview with CEO! ... -with-ceo/

New Study: Elderly With Less Vitamin D More Likely to Die ... ly-to-die/

IBM Celebrates 20 Years Since First Manipulating an Atom ... -20-years/

Honda’s Answer to the Segway: Motorized Unicycle U3X (video) ... cycle-u3x/

U of T researchers create microchip that can detect type and severity of cancer ... ochip.html

Singularity Summit in New York on October 3rd and 4th ... rk-on.html

Dwave System is Discussing Sales of 128 Qubit Quantum Computers ... f-128.html

Nuclear Roundup - India talks 470 GWe of Nuclear Power by 2050, US Chu Talks More Nuclear Loan Guarantees ... we-of.html

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Workshop on Small Nuclear Reactors ... kshop.html

Weird, Rare Clouds and the Physics Behind Them

Women Prefer Taken Guys

Overcoming Bias Blog: Allowed Lies

FastForward Radio -- World Transformation for World Leaders and Getting to a Post-QWERTY Future (podcast)[/size:3oq6r9we]

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Business Travel Declines With Telepresence Conference Calls (video) ... nce-calls/

Calling All Transhumanists ... arity.html

Guest Post: David Orban Reviews Singularity Summit 2009 ... mmit-2009/

IBM Targeting 100 Dollar Genome Sequencing ... enome.html

Läpimurto: dna-prosessori lukee ihmisen perimää ... en_perimaa

Beyond the Genome ... he-genome/

Sähköisellä paperilla pyyhkii hyvin ... hkii_hyvin

Disabling a Single Gene Extends Mice Life by 20% ... ife-by-20/

Space Elevator Games one Kilometer Tether Finally Ready (video) ... meter.html

Two Stage Configuration Winterberg Fusion Rocket Could Go 20% of lightspeed ... 20-of.html

IBM - The Battery 500 Project (video)

Nuclear Fusion Research and Development Renaissance ... pment.html

Hyperion Power Generation Uranium Hydride Nuclear Reactor Factories ... anium.html

Burj al Meel Mile High Tower Proceeding to Award Design Contract ... eding.html

General Electric has one terabyte micro Hologram Disc Readable by a Modified Blu-ray Player ... micro.html

IEC Bussard Fusion Contract Details from the Navy ... tails.html

Range Of Peak Oil Dates All Too Soon To Prepare?

Aubrey de Grey Big Think Videos ... ideos.html

Pathway Suppresses Muscle Repair As We Age

Vitamin D Reduces Risk Of Falling In Old Folks

Clinical Trials for White blood cell infusions to treat cancer ... -cell.html

Canadian and European Lab on a Chip Systems for Breast Cancer Detection and 1024 Reactions at Once for a Lab on a Chip ... -chip.html

Wearable and Fractal Antennas Will increase Broadband Speed to Personal Electronics ... -will.html

China and the World Economy From Now to 2018 ... ow-to.html

FastForward Radio with George Dvorsky and PJ Manney (podcast)[/size:1l8osr9w]

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Mullistava ydinparisto – miljoona kertaa tehokkaampi ... ehokkaampi

Nokia uskoo akkujen lataamiseen langatta ... n_langatta

Mullistus tulossa: Wi-fi Direct yhdistää laitteet suoraan ... et_suoraan

LG:n puhelin latautuu omalla aurinkokennolla ... kokennolla

Hoivaroboteista kannattavaa bisnestä vuonna 2016 ... 922001/133

Exoskeletons, Power Loaders and Morphing Robots (video) ... phing.html

Augmented Reality Could Be Coming to Your Contact Lens ... tact-lens/

Edge of Solar System Is Not What We Expected

Singularity University Posts Lectures On YouTube ... n-youtube/

IBM Hypes DNA Transistor, Sequencing Genomes for Less than $1000 ... than-1000/

Spider Pill Walks Through You, Looking for Cancer (video) ... or-cancer/

Stem Cells Used to Create New Jaw Bone ... -jaw-bone/

Our Dogs To Get Cancer Drugs Before We Do

Liver Cells Made From Skin Cells

Breast Cancer DNA Completely Sequenced

New Cancer Detector Chip Works in About 30 Minutes ... 0-minutes/

Stanford Magnetic Biosensor 1000 times more Sensitive to Cancer Biomarker Proteins ... times.html

Suppressing PI3K gene in mice prevents heart from aging ... vents.html

Working After Retirement Boosts Health?

Small Nuclear Fission Reactors ... ctors.html

China Buys Two 880 MWe Fast Neutron Nuclear Reactors from Russia ... utron.html

Current Status of Terrorists and WMDs and Nuclear Facilities ... -wmds.html

The Calorie-Restriction Experiment ... .html?_r=2

Nanoantennas Could Enable Future Terabit Wireless Optical Quantum Communication ... uture.html

David Calkins Interview by Sander Olson (robotiikka) ... olson.html

Finland Guarantees Right to Broadband Internet Access ... et-access/

The False Expectation of a Gentle Upward Slope ... -slope.php

What Is “Personal”? ... sonal.html

Master List of 500+ TED Videos With Summaries ... summaries/[/size:283vkg04]

[size=85:103pa3a5]Viikolta 43

First Artificial Hand that Can Feel (video) ... -feel.html

ABB’s Super Fast Industrial Robots Impress (video) ... ss-videos/

Skiing Robot Not Very Useful But Totally Fun To Watch ... -to-watch/

Self-Steered Tractors and UAVs: Future Farming Is (Finally) Now ... more-12463

Nyt niitä saa: polttokennolla virtaa tien päälle ... ien_paalle

Michael Anissimov of Accelerating Future Answers Ten Questions on the Singularity ... ngularity/

Visualization: The Billion Dollar Gram ... llar-gram/

Wall Street Journal: Five Technologies That Could Change Everything ... 76898.html

China boasts 'world's greenest tower'

Google is Planning for 10 Million Servers and an Exabyte of Information ... llion.html

Suppose 21st Century Disasters Like 19th Century

Cool Videos of Virtual Reality Treadmills ... readmills/

Gentler Robot Hands Pick Up Objects With Care (Video) ... are-video/

DropCam: Another fire-and-forget camera system ... ra-system/

Nanoparticle Breakthrough Can Make Higher Efficiency Solar Cells and Speed Development of Nanotechnology ... -make.html

Three Competing Technologies for Next Generation Hard Drives ... -next.html

Exoplanets Galore! 32 Alien Planets Discovered, Including Super-Earths ... xoplanets/

Life Ingredients Found on Extrasolar Gas Giant ... more-12620

Fossils Push Back Earliest Complex Animals 40 Million Years ... x-animals/

Solar Power Cost Decline Steeper

Patient’s Own Stem Cells Used To Grow Facial Bones (video) ... ial-bones/

Out of LSD? Just 15 Minutes of Sensory Deprivation Triggers Hallucinations ... cinations/

The Kaiser Permanente BioBank - 100k Volunteers and Growing ... d-growing/

Get the H1N1 Vaccine When It is Available For You ... comes.html

Overcoming Bias Blog: The Right Questions ... tions.html

Interview of Artificial General Intelligence Researcher Itamar Arel by Sander Olson ... neral.html

The Third Conference on Artificial General Intelligence[/size:103pa3a5]

[size=85:3jldh6jp]Viikolta 45

Acerin 3d-kannettava kauppoihin ... kauppoihin

Hubble’s New Camera Delivers Another Stunner ... -pinwheel/

Blue Brain Videos and Update on Brain Emulation (video) ... brain.html

New Panasonic Robots To Assist The Elderly (Video) ... rly-video/

Adept Quattro Becomes World’s Fastest Robot (Video) ... bot-video/

ROPID Robot Runs, Skips, and Jumps to Your Voice Commands ... -commands/

Gadgets and Ideas to Revolutionize Healthcare

High-Energy Batteries Coming to Market

Signature of Antimatter Detected in Lightning ... lightning/

Maximum Antimatter Space Propulsion and Special Relativity ... n-and.html

Blackhole Starships ... ships.html

Asteroid Over Indonesia Triple Hiroshima Bomb Power

Visualization: Reduce your odds of dying in a plane crash ... ane-crash/

Visualization: Deadliest drugs in UK ... l--001.jpg ... l--001.jpg

Visualization: World nuclear power ... ar-001.jpg

GE Reveals Phone-Sized Ultrasound Device ... nd-device/

Complete Genomics and ISB Team Up for Huge Whole Genome Study ... ome-study/

Genome Sequencing Cost Drops Below $5000

Ionic Liquid Battery To Beat Lithium Ion?

Silicon Nanowires Boost Lithium Battery Energy Density

Positive Mainstream Reviews of Dense Plasma Focus Fusion and IEC Fusion ... dense.html

China Makes Big Renewables, Nuclear Energy Push

GE Hitachi Propose Nuclear Fuel Recycling with Prism Fast Reactor and Electroseparation ... -fuel.html

New Hitachi TV Controlled By Gestures (Video) ... res-video/

Gene Therapy Halts Fatal Brain Disease ... e-therapy/

Harvard Grows Heart Tissue, Watches it Beat ... s-it-beat/

The Doom that Fell Upon Medical Progress in the US ... the-us.php

Fructose Causes High Blood Pressure?

Monsanto Wins FDA Soy Omega 3 Approval

Metabolic Syndrome Is A Killer

Judge Rules Genetic Mutation Partial Defense Against Murder[/size:3jldh6jp]

[size=85:2kk703te]Viikolta 46

LaserMotive has successfully qualified for the $900,000 Space Elevator Prize ... 00000.html

Singularity Summit 2009 Videos Available Online ... le-online/

Artificial General Intelligence 2009 Conference Videos Up on Vimeo ... -on-vimeo/

Galactic Suite Orbital Hotel Taking Reservations for 2012 ... aking.html

iRobot Announces Healthcare Bot ... hcare-bot/

‘Impossible’ Device Could Propel Flying Cars, Stealth Missiles (EMdrive) ... -missiles/

Secretive Nuclear Fusion Company May Reveal Details in 2010 ... y-may.html

Energy Secretary Steven Chu visits Googleplex ... isits.html

EMdrive Proposed flying Car and Hybrid Spaceplane ... ybrid.html

EMdrive Controversy and Work Continue ... tinue.html

Eight Objectives of the Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Focus Fusion Experiments ... ville.html

India Working with France on Extracting Uranium from Seawater ... cting.html

Britain Planning to Have Ten New Nuclear reactors by 2018 and China Prepares to Independently Build Six AP1000 Reactors ... n-new.html

The Brain According to Henry Markram (Video) ... ram-video/

Toumaz Digital Plaster to Wirelessly Monitor Patient Vital Signs Hits Trials ... ts-trials/

Telomere Genes Linked To Longer Life

Vitamin D and calcium supplementation reduces cancer risk ... ation.html

Livly and Granulocyte Therapies to Kill Cancer ... cancer.php

H1N1 Swine Flu Deaths and Vaccination ... ation.html

Genome 10K Project To Sequence 10000 Species

Call 1-800-New-Organ, by 2020? ... -2020.html

DARPA projects for 2010 ... -2010.html

Nextbigfuture Highlights Week 39-45 ... 39-45.html

Interview of Richard Varvill of Reaction Engines and the Skylon Spaceplane by Sander Olson ... ll-of.html[/size:2kk703te]

YLE Areena: Mielipidevanki: Transhumanisti uskoo 1000 vuoden elinikään ... b030f31c04

Intel Predicts Brain waves will replace keyboard and mouse, dial phones and change TV channels by 2020 ... place.html

Climategate, Coal Mine Deaths, Air Pollution and Coals assault on human health ... s-air.html

'Hi-tech' farming in Japan (Video)

Audeo Lets You Talk or Control Wheelchair With Your Thoughts (Video) ... hts-video/

Kurzweil Gives Keynote at Singularity University’s Executive Program (Video) ... ram-video/

Andrew Hessel’s Singularity University Talk on Synthetic Biology (Video) ... ogy-video/

Dan Barry – The Future of Robotics (Singularity University Video) ... ity-video/

Daniel Kraft – The Future of Medicine (Singularity University Video) ... ity-video/

Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists ... in-action/

Swarm of Underwater Drones To Help Explore Ocean ... ore-ocean/

Solexant To Sell Solar Cells At $1 Per Watt

Flowing Galactic Clusters and Massive Voids Could be Parallel Universes ... ssive.html

Hyperion Power Generation Reactor Design ... actor.html

Nuclear Energy Bill for 100 Nuclear Reactors by 2030 and India Nuclear Power Target of 40 GW by 2020 ... clear.html

Defense Intelligence Agency Has a Positive Report on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions aka Cold Fusion ... y-has.html

Latest on Four Small Nuclear Reactors ... ctors.html

Immortality Inc

Real SARM Steroids Are Available for Online Purchase ... e-for.html

Genetically enhance humanity or face extinction. Julian Savulescu (video) ... lescu-2065

'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009 (video)

Tulevaisuuden teknologiat - teknologian tulevaisuus -esitelmä Helsingissä 23.11. ... &Itemid=44[/size:883us3wb]

[size=85:3n3xog7r]Muutama mielenkiintoinen podcasti:

The Future And You: Ari Kiirikki, Vice President of Knome Inc. (the world's leading provider of personal whole genome DNA sequencing) ... _id=547945

The Future And You: Eliezer Yudkowsky (co-founder and research fellow of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence) ... _id=542668

The Future And You: Noel Patton (A product available today which may extend human lives well beyond traditional limits.) ... _id=545383

FastForward Radio -- Energy and the Future with Brian Wang[/size:3n3xog7r]

[size=85:371ilmri]Brainport Lets The Blind See With the Tongue (Video) ... gue-video/

Human Genetic Revelations Coming In 2010

Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers' Heads by 2020 ... heads-2020

Dan Neil Drives Chevy Volt

Toba Supervolcano Deforested India 73,000 Years Ago

Lab Grown Soggy Pork - A Step to Commercial Factory Grown Meat ... rcial.html

Future Colliders

Universal Translators Are All Around Us (Video) ... -us-video/

Myostatin Inhibiting Gene Therapy Success in Monkeys ... erapy.html

Larry Smarr Video From Singularity University Available Online (video) ... le-online/

Deka’s Luke Arm In Clinical Trials, Is it the Future of Prosthetics? (Video) ... ics-video/

Japanese toymakers develop break-dancing robot

Nextage Robot – Kawada’s Humanoid Helper ... id-helper/

Dark Matter Rocket ... ocket.html

Technology for Starships, Closer Stars and Bigger Civilization ... stars.html

Space Exploration Takes Too Long For Democracies?

Bezos Rocket Company - Blue Origin Has 2011 and 2012 Targets ... n-has.html

Google May Build Green-Tech Power Plants ... er-plants/

The Next Generation of 3D Printer: RepRapII (Video) ... pii-video/

Solid-State, Rechargeable, Long Cycle Life Lithium–Air Battery With High Energy Density and More Safety and Stability ... cycle.html

Race is on to use embryonic stem cells in humans ... ?full=true

Manipulating Just One Gene Makes a Smarter Rat ... arter-rat/

Intelligence and Technology Achievement and Productivity ... ement.html

Genome Study Reveals New Links to Parkinson’s ... arkinsons/

Possible Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough ... rosis.html

Cautious Optimism in Response to ‘Cure’ For Multiple Sclerosis ... sclerosis/

Waist Fat Doubles Dementia Risk In Women

Adults Fooled by Visual Illusion, But Not Kids ... fool-kids/

Overpopulation: Too Many Damned Malthusians ... usians.php

CNN The Clinic: How to live longer (Aubrey De Gray) (video) ... r.webcast/

Interview of Brad Edwards - Space Elevator Expert by Sander Olson ... space.html

FastForward Radio -- Nanotechnology in Three (or More) Easy Steps! (podcast)

Science Unable to Find Men in 20s Who Had not Seen Porn and Daily Show on Climategate ... s-who.html[/size:371ilmri]

[size=85:103du071]h+ Magazine Winter 2009

Super Strength Substance (Myostatin) One Step Closer to Human Trials ... an-trials/

BBC: Spaceship for fee-paying passengers unveiled by Branson

Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceship Two ... p-two.html

Suborbital Tourism is Stepping Stone to Two Hour Flights Around the World ... ne-to.html

Saturn’s Hexagon May Be Solar System’s Coolest Mystery ... n-hexagon/

Zhu Zhu Pets – Toy Sensation and Signs of Things to Come? (Video) ... ome-video/

China COSCO CEO Seriously Considering Nuclear Powered Container Ships ... ering.html

Visualization: The Global Warming Skeptics vs. The Scientific Consensus ... consensus/

Iran estää mielenosoituksia – sammutti internetin ... internetin

Yhdestä atomistakin saa transistorin ... ansistorin

3 Bets the DOE Is Placing on Science to Break the Climate Stalemate ... ding-bets/

Blacklight Power Plans for 2010-2013 ... -2013.html

California Solar Power In Space By 2016?

Energy News Roundup - Renewable Plan in China, US Starts a new Uranium mine, GE Helps Indian Nuclear Build ... an-in.html

To Deflect an Asteroid, Try a Lasso, Not a Nuke ... more-15021

Gregory Benford of Genescient Talks at the HPlus Summit ... ks-at.html

Organovo Has Its First Commercial 3D Bioprinter ... ioprinter/

Cool Robots from iREX 2009 (Pics and Video) ... and-video/

Lymphoma Progression Linked To Low Vitamin D

Exercise Boosts Telomerase, Reduces Erosion of Telomeres ... omeres.php

Video: Google Goggles Live In Action ... les-video/

Sander Olson Blogs the 2009 International Electron Devices Meeting ... -2009.html ... ctron.html[/size:103du071]

[size=85:24bmvarv]Controlling An Artificial Hand With Your Thoughts (Video) ... hts-video/

ProDigits: The world's first bionic finger

Custom Fit Bionic Fingers Work Like The Real Thing (Video) ... ing-video/

Some other Fermi Paradox Speculations ... tions.html

Kanadalaisyritys keksi tuulivoimalan toimintaperiaatteen uudelleen

LG haluaa 3d-televisioiden valtiaaksi ... valtiaaksi

Suomalaisyrityksen aivostimulaatio hyväksyttiin Yhdysvalloissa

Ensimmäinen polttokennolaiva seilaa Amsterdamin kanaaleissa

Suomessa kehitetään käyttöä ydinjätteelle

Scientists grow pork meat in a laboratory ... 936352.ece

Rumor of the Discovery of Particles of Dark Matter ... -dark.html

Argonne Labs Working to Control Casimir Force ... simir.html

Most Earth-Like Extrasolar Planet Found Right Next Door

Diplomatic Problem With Asteroid Deflection

Two Senate Bills Would Encourage Small Modular Nuclear Reactors ... small.html

CO2 Emissions Up 29% Since 2000

John Tierney On Climate Engineering

France Will Spend One Billion Euro on Next Generation Nuclear Reactor ... ro-on.html

GINA Makes Genetic Discrimination Illegal In US ... gal-in-us/

Brain Structure and Reading Ability and IQ ... y-and.html

Next generation of retinal implants Has 17 Times Higher Resolution ... s-has.html

More Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Progress Roundup ... erapy.html

Swine Flu Has Killed Over 10,000 Americans ... 10000.html

NIH Guides Nanomedicine Towards Killing Cancer ... ng-cancer/

Another Run At Artificial Red Blood ... -blood.php

Slower Mouse Aging Delays Alzheimer's Disease

Martin Ford Asks: Will Automation Lead to Economic Collapse? ... -collapse/

Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics ... inted.html

FastForward Radio -- Countdown to Foresight 2010 (Part 1) (podcast)[/size:24bmvarv]

BBC: Scientists crack 'entire genetic code' of cancer (video)

Video: The Asteroid That Will Almost Hit Earth ... -to-earth/

Support For Climate Engineering Goes Mainstream

First Ever Video of Deep-Sea Volcanic Eruption ... -eruption/

Photo: Shining Lake Confirms Presence of Liquid on Titan ... ake-light/

World Longest Sea Bridge Starts Construction ... tarts.html

Superconductors could Enable Electric Jet Planes ... ctric.html

Wireless and Fiber Communication News Roundup - 4G, 3G and 10 to 100 Gbps trials and upgrades ... -news.html

Cardiovascular Health Boosts Mental Performance

Major breakthrough may pave the way for therapeutic vaccines for Allergies and Cancer ... y-for.html

One Step Closer to Suspended Animation for Wounded Soldiers in 18 Months? ... 18-months/

Status of Flying Cars - Parajet, Samson Motorworks and Terrifugia Transition ... amson.html

Reactions to the “Reprogramming Predators” Piece ... ors-piece/

Dark Matter Particles and Dark Galaxy ... alaxy.html

A Review Of The Best Robots of 2009 (video) ... s-of-2009/

Nuclear Winter and City Firestorms ... torms.html

Peter Voss (AI researcher) Interview by Sander Olson ... olson.html[/size:2jystnc9]

[size=85:3sc3igas]no problem! tässä lisää:

Global Warming Won't Prevent Ice Age

Facial Recognition Door Lock and Time Clock for Less than $500 ... -than-500/

LG Gearing Up For CES 2010 With World’s Thinnest LCD TV (Pics) ... d-tv-pics/

Apple Tablet or iSlate Rumor Roundup ... undup.html

Rumors that Iranian Leader May be Readying to Flee Iran ... ay-be.html

Digital Quantum Battery To Far Exceed Lithium Batteries?

Microphotovoltaic Cells Could Embed In Clothing

Hot Electrons To Double Solar PV Efficiency?

Wind Energy Limits In Britain

Russia Investigates a Mission to Deflect Asteroid Apothis ... flect.html

Detecting Habitable Exomoons

The Problem with Warp Drive

Space Probe Gets Halfway to Pluto in Record Time ... cord-time/

Nuclear Plans Around the World ... world.html

Israeli Airport Security ... urity.html

Robot Hand from Shadow Continues to Impress (Video) ... ess-video/

Speculative Design For Freitas Nuclear Nanobot to Replace Food ... clear.html

Electric Bike Update ... pdate.html

We All Live In Public Now. Get Used To It. ... in-public/

FastForward Radio -- Countdown to Foresight 2010 (Part 3) - J. Storrs Hall ... 10-par.mp3[/size:3sc3igas]

[size=85:16k6xgta]Large Scale Production of genetically Modified Rice in China starting 2011 ... cally.html

CES 2010 – 3D:n esiinmarssi ... siinmarssi

Microsoftin eleohjaus kauppoihin jouluksi ... n_jouluksi

Cisco Telepresence Coming To Your Home Despite Alternatives ... ernatives/

Google Nexus One Review Highlights ... ights.html

Let’s Just Skip To The Super-Duper-Phone

iPhone Helicopter from Parrot is Amazing (Video) ... ing-video/

Retail Head Mounted Displays Getting Better – Vuzix Wrap 920 ... -wrap-920/

Kepler Telescope has found 5 exoplanets ... anets.html

Historian kallein virtuaaliesine: avaruusasema 220 000€ ... ma_220_000

Huhu: Applelta 10,1" tablet-laite tammikuussa ... ammikuussa

Nopea usb vyöryy valloittajaksi ... oittajaksi

Tuoko 2010 Suomelle puhtaan teknologian läpimurron?

BBC: World's tallest building opens in Dubai

CNN: The future of brain-controlled devices ... index.html ... nterfaces/

Top Transhuman Trends and Stories of 2009 ... -part-one/ ... -part-two/

Will we be mining the moon in the next ten years? ... ten-years/

TechCrunch: Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010 ... gies-2010/

Microsoft patent filing: Control a computer by flexing a muscle ... puter.html

Yet Another Promising Battery Chemistry

UPS Hybrid Diesel Cuts Costs

Wireless Device Reads Brain Signals, Turns them into Speech (Video) ... ech-video/

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