It is not unuusal to have more than one nickname. Louise, for example, has several, including - bitch, bitchatron, bitcharella, bitchzilla and the almighty bitch-queen of the universe. Becca is known as Big Red, or merely Red. Megan is Meg or Megs, except on special occasions when she is called the dorkster or the dorkmeister depending on how clumsy her behaviour.

Many girls are nicknamed skank.

This is a popular nickname for girls, but not for boys.

I faithfully commit these details to my database, cross-referencing names to faces and body profiles. Social integration programs now consume eight percent of my availiable RAM, leaving ninety-two percent free for combat protocols, weapon utilisation and tactical evaluation.

This is called getting your priorities straight.

Täytyyhän sitä jokin tärkeysjärjestys olla...

"You're allowed more than one friend. And I think Morris would really like to be your friend if you'd let him."

"Will Morris invite me to sleepovers?"

"It doesn't work that way. And I don't think it's a good idea to sleepover at this Becca's."

"Why not?"

"For one thing you don't actually sleep."

I point out I can enter hibernation mode.

"That's where you stand bolt upright, not moving or blinking for hours at a time? I think that might make Becca or her mother a little suspicious."

Eikös nyt jokainen joskus jää seisomaan paikoilleen liikkumatta tai edes silmäänsä räpäyttämättä tunneiksi?

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