Mt-diagnoosien osoittelykäytöstä Suomen itsetuhobuumi


Psyykkiset ongelmat ovat ihmisen itsensä sisäistä kipua ja tuskaa. Ne voivat ilmetä monin eri tavoin, mutta lähes aina taustalla on murskattu itsetunto ja oireilu on merkki hätähuudosta "hei, huomatkaa, minäkin olen tunteva ihminen".

Mielenterveyttä ei voi olla ilman, että ihminen tuntistisi itsensä hyväksytyksi ja onnelliseksi.

Neuvo ja vinkki toki ovat hoitoa, jos ensin kysymme mielestämme "psyykkisesti poikkeavalta", mistä kenkä puristaa ja mikä hänen mieltään painaa ja miten voisimme tukea ja rohkaista..

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2009-12-27 01:21:09 BERT: Nah
2009-12-27 01:21:16 BERT: I wanna use Js to confuse hotshot
2009-12-27 01:21:21 BERT: He doesn't know how to deal with them
2009-12-27 01:21:58 WCS_Avalon: i wanted my j's though, but that dumn mother fucker just sat in the base while u 2 rushed the hill
2009-12-27 01:22:08 BERT: lol
2009-12-27 01:22:12 BERT: yah
2009-12-27 01:22:14 GH_Wildcat: lol
2009-12-27 01:22:44 BERT: I was gonna go for 5 mixed Js
2009-12-27 01:22:47 BERT: But didn't want fallers
2009-12-27 01:23:30 WCS_Avalon: he just goes stock to try and make others fall in line
2009-12-27 01:23:36 WCS_Avalon: and to have an excuse if he loses
System: Please remember the rules. This includes keeping ALL racial comments off of the main lobby and game tables. Suspension can happen!
CitizenSoldier Has Entered
WCS_Avalon> welcome back fuckface
CitizenSoldier> U NOT person to wellcome anyone
WCS_Avalon> you been raped enough for one night?
GH_Wildcat> (H)
GH_Wildcat> fuckface... lmao :rofl:
CitizenSoldier> raped? I thought i won most games
WCS_Avalon> including welcome area
WCS_Avalon> you know why they shot me first hotshot?
CitizenSoldier> dont push your problems to me
WCS_Avalon> they deemed you as a noob
WCS_Avalon> no threat
WCS_Avalon> ''remove avalon, for he is a threat''
CitizenSoldier> if thts makes you happy
BERT> Exactly
BERT> As i said before too
WCS_Avalon> ''ignore the noob hotshot''
BERT> '' His atlas will only have 4 lrms
BERT> Mauler will have 2 and awesomes will have 0
GH_Wildcat> sometimes its more wise to kill the noob first... they dont offer any fire support for the pros lol
BERT> I was going for 2 with 6 lrms and a rail and 1 with 2 ppcs and a rail
BERT> Then i decided to drop the ppcs for Pillums, lol
WCS_Avalon> p.s. you didn't kill anything hotshot
WCS_Avalon> < 4 kills
BERT> you had 6 on my screen Av
BERT> lol
WCS_Avalon> weird
BERT> < 8
CitizenSoldier> fact is, I woulda won that game, if Avalon not sabotaged
CitizenSoldier> with IS stock
WCS_Avalon> did you get confused when they rushed the hill hotshot?
CitizenSoldier> lol
GH_Wildcat> stockshot is agent triple ''O'' zero... '' 000 '' cos he never gets kills
WCS_Avalon> did you want to sit in your base?
GH_Wildcat> licenced to get raped lol
CitizenSoldier> U like pack of wolfes
BERT> you like a pack of condoms
WCS_Avalon> a pack of what?
GH_Wildcat> hes agent ''meatsheild''
CitizenSoldier> always attacking 1 person, its usualy me
GH_Wildcat> THATS why cheese always does ok around him
CitizenSoldier> u think u can fucin ever beat me lol
GH_Wildcat> he can just hide behind the As
WCS_Avalon> oooh wolves
CitizenSoldier> NO U CANT
CitizenSoldier> EVER EVER
CitizenSoldier> NOT EVEN CLOSE
WCS_Avalon> lol
GH_Wildcat> lmao
WCS_Avalon> and you say *i'm* angry?
WCS_Avalon> and?
WCS_Avalon> yes
CitizenSoldier> OR BECAUSE U WORSE?
CitizenSoldier> U SUCK
WCS_Avalon> i'm fucking awesome
WCS_Avalon> thank you very much
WCS_Avalon> which is why you don't do 6.8 with me
WCS_Avalon> which is why you fear my scats
CitizenSoldier> U ALL LOSE 1V1 GAMES TO ME
WCS_Avalon> nah
WCS_Avalon> lol
BERT> Hotshot
WCS_Avalon> we will
WCS_Avalon> i will
BERT> you lost to Me and Wildcat.
CitizenSoldier> u do so
WCS_Avalon> you will obey
CitizenSoldier> I thought we coulda play decent 2v2
CitizenSoldier> but avalon saboed
WCS_Avalon> 3 people disagree
CitizenSoldier> we were about to win
CitizenSoldier> then u sabo
WCS_Avalon> nope
WCS_Avalon> but your shit is stock didn't do anything
CitizenSoldier> dont bother to explain
GH_Wildcat> only one who sabo'd was stockshot
WCS_Avalon> don't bother to whine
CitizenSoldier> anything u say, i cant trust any of you
GH_Wildcat> he goes stock when its a mod game
CitizenSoldier> u all like in ignre
CitizenSoldier> so FUCK OFF U ALL
GH_Wildcat> gets shit mechs and gets out LRM'd to death
WCS_Avalon> seeee YA
GH_Wildcat> YAY
GH_Wildcat> party time. lol
GH_Wildcat> we in ignore
CitizenSoldier> ... et=&ccode=
WCS_Avalon> so we all agree? hotshot is the worst player
WCS_Avalon> sabotages all games
WCS_Avalon> is useless
WCS_Avalon> etc etc
CitizenSoldier> aVALON
WCS_Avalon> votes are in....
CitizenSoldier> seriosly
WCS_Avalon> and the results are......
CitizenSoldier> why u bother to type anything to me
WCS_Avalon> by a landslide majority of 15 to 1
CitizenSoldier> since i dont trust anything u say
CitizenSoldier> its like u are idiot
CitizenSoldier> comletely asshole
WCS_Avalon> hotshot is ultimate master saboteur
CitizenSoldier> how can i make u understand
CitizenSoldier> dont talk to me
CitizenSoldier> its futile
WCS_Avalon> weren't we on ignore?
WCS_Avalon> lol
CitizenSoldier> that goes for all of u
GH_Wildcat> LMAO
GH_Wildcat> :rofl:
GH_Wildcat> awww poor baby
CitizenSoldier> u all agaisnt me
GH_Wildcat> are u mad cos u lost to me and Tom? lol
CitizenSoldier> but its obvious u cant break me
WCS_Avalon> even when hotshot was with cheese today
WCS_Avalon> not even cheese could win with him
CitizenSoldier> im stronger alone than you 3 combined
BERT> lol
BERT> is that a 3v1 challange?
BERT> lol
WCS_Avalon> no he's a pussy
CitizenSoldier> im not playing with you
BERT> On an AO Objective map?
BERT> Thought so.
GH_Wildcat> 3v1 hotshot!!
WCS_Avalon> pussy that takes stock in case he loses so he has an excuse
WCS_Avalon> ''i'm drunk''
CitizenSoldier> u offend me
WCS_Avalon> ''i took stock''
WCS_Avalon> ''u sabo'd''
CitizenSoldier> so I dont do anything u want
CitizenSoldier> if u want games
CitizenSoldier> u fucked them up
CitizenSoldier> we coulda have 2v2
CitizenSoldier> but avalon saboed em
CitizenSoldier> then u all join agaisnt me
WCS_Avalon> ''i'm a closet homosexual that can't get laid''
CitizenSoldier> so fuck off
CitizenSoldier> U in ventrilo?
WCS_Avalon> lol
WCS_Avalon> yes
WCS_Avalon> we are talking about you
CitizenSoldier> talk more horseshit with your voice you love so much
WCS_Avalon> mmm
WCS_Avalon> yes
WCS_Avalon> i do love my voice
CitizenSoldier> fact is u are an asshole and pathetick fuck
CitizenSoldier> who hate me only because im better palyre than you
WCS_Avalon> the fact is: no-one likes you and you smell kind of funny too
WCS_Avalon> lol
BERT> Kind of?
CitizenSoldier> i already said
BERT> He smells funnier than Susan boyle looks.
CitizenSoldier> it dont make shitload of diff waht u assholes think of me
WCS_Avalon> susan boyle is his mail order bride
CitizenSoldier> why cant u understand thsi?
BERT> Foxy says you suck too, Hotshot
GH_Wildcat> 3v1 this shit u noob
CitizenSoldier> no
BERT> She says you are moron of titanic proportions
CitizenSoldier> enviroment too hostile
GH_Wildcat> lmao!
GH_Wildcat> moron of titanic proportions
WCS_Avalon> fox kicks hotshots ass
GH_Wildcat> niceee (H)
GH_Wildcat> i like this
WCS_Avalon> you like your ass being kicked by a woman hotshot?
CitizenSoldier> u prolly hack too, then u say its OK, becaue im an old nazi fuck
CitizenSoldier> so its not fair
WCS_Avalon> oh you're old too?
WCS_Avalon> k
BERT> Good idea hotshot
WCS_Avalon> you're an old nazi fuck
WCS_Avalon> cheese was so pissed off at hotshot today
CitizenSoldier> im rather that, than comply with u
WCS_Avalon> we could only tolerate one game at a time with him
CitizenSoldier> I won most games
CitizenSoldier> or very close
WCS_Avalon> you lost all
CitizenSoldier> i only speak with you, because im drunk
CitizenSoldier> and have noting better to do now
CitizenSoldier> i think u are all sick
CitizenSoldier> seriously
CitizenSoldier> u can never break me
WCS_Avalon> does your mirror scream ''argh visual abuse!'' when you look at yourself?
CitizenSoldier> nor win me
CitizenSoldier> so fuckin accept that
WCS_Avalon> i got moves you could only dream of hotshot
WCS_Avalon> how's that bp recruitment going for you hotshot?
WCS_Avalon> you got members signed up?
WCS_Avalon> jimbo joined up?
WCS_Avalon> no? daaaaamn
GH_Wildcat> lol i never want to ''win you'' hotshot
WCS_Avalon> i'd get a refund
GH_Wildcat> like a prize in the lottery..
GH_Wildcat> instead of money they give out hotshot
WCS_Avalon> his sexual services up for auction
GH_Wildcat> lol yea
CitizenSoldier> im sure U all feel very powerfull attacking everyone all the time against 1 person with full force all together, against me
CitizenSoldier> u real heroes
GH_Wildcat> lol
CitizenSoldier> yah, real funny
GH_Wildcat> id ask if hotshot was ever picked on or bullied in school but to be honest i dont think this dumbfuck ever went lol.. hes too much of a retard to learn anything lmao
WCS_Avalon> and finally.....lot #0000000, fat, pasty, limp dick, neo nazi, paranoid clusterfucked noodlehead.......300ibs of pure finnish smelly man love
WCS_Avalon> hotshot
GH_Wildcat> :rofl: L--M--A--O!!!!
WCS_Avalon> i'll make something very clear to you
WCS_Avalon> i would destroy you in person
CitizenSoldier> u cant
WCS_Avalon> i wouldn't say a word
CitizenSoldier> u alredy tried full force
WCS_Avalon> you'd be on your ass so fast you wouldn't know what the fuck hit you
CitizenSoldier> Ill do the destroying part
WCS_Avalon> with what? your crossbow?
CitizenSoldier> wtd u talking about anyways
WCS_Avalon> can you handle that with broken wrists?
CitizenSoldier> if u attack my hose
CitizenSoldier> house
CitizenSoldier> u get yorus
CitizenSoldier> if I die, I die
CitizenSoldier> but i fuckin fight you to death
WCS_Avalon> it's very easy to find people these days hotshot
CitizenSoldier> with my crossbows
WCS_Avalon> even fucked up hermits in thw woods
CitizenSoldier> i had this russiaan gc
CitizenSoldier> gf
CitizenSoldier> she likes me
WCS_Avalon> wtf you going to do son? throw sugar at me?
CitizenSoldier> so does his friendds
CitizenSoldier> dont threth me u asshole
WCS_Avalon> lol
CitizenSoldier> or u fuckin get to rreal problems
WCS_Avalon> oh really?
CitizenSoldier> yes, u thretned me as u asasinate me
WCS_Avalon> please tell me what problems i would face
WCS_Avalon> nah, i said i would destroy you
WCS_Avalon> that means seeing your world fall apart
WCS_Avalon> and maybe a few broken bones
CitizenSoldier> how?
WCS_Avalon> all the things you hold dear to you hotshot
CitizenSoldier> i have my house , car all my propperty no debt i have no job
CitizenSoldier> wtd u can do?
WCS_Avalon> piece by piece
BERT> I'm going to buy a kilt
CitizenSoldier> U threatened my life here dude
BERT> This week probably
BERT> Think that'll make Foxy laugh?
CitizenSoldier> i can see that
CitizenSoldier> U should not do that
WCS_Avalon> yes, i did hotshot
BERT> Why not?
WCS_Avalon> and yes, it would thomas
BERT> lol
CitizenSoldier> I can track u down before u can track me
BERT> Gotta buy a pair of timbys or something too
BERT> Caterpillars and a big pair of woolen socks
CitizenSoldier> so see who strikes first
WCS_Avalon> sure, go right ahead hotshot
WCS_Avalon> i would love to see you in person
CitizenSoldier> i dont
CitizenSoldier> u fuckin asshole pig
BERT> lol
GH_Wildcat> lmao oooooh
BERT> I still havn't seen you, Av
WCS_Avalon> true
WCS_Avalon> but i can't wage war on people that are friends with fox
WCS_Avalon> that shit ain't cool
GH_Wildcat> I seen what av looks like... a very old pic.. hard to remember tho
CitizenSoldier> Dont pls. threat me
CitizenSoldier> If I take it serous
CitizenSoldier> Im gunna prepare
BERT> Wage war?
WCS_Avalon> actually hotshot, you can't prepare
BERT> By showing me a picture of you?
BERT> What, are all of your pictures a picture of you pointing at the camera saying '' This means war!''
WCS_Avalon> nm tom, i misunderstood
BERT> Lmao
WCS_Avalon> but yes, thats how i roll
CitizenSoldier> so, what you do, send russian hitmans?
WCS_Avalon> i present a picture of myself
WCS_Avalon> and in 300 style
BERT> Nah, he sends irish hitmans
WCS_Avalon> shout WAAAAAR
BERT> They're worse than the Russians
GH_Wildcat> lmao
WCS_Avalon> ironman - ozzie
WCS_Avalon> very good song too
BERT> Lost Reflection - Crimson Glory
CitizenSoldier> Avalon sends russian hitmats to my home, because he suks and lost two 1v1 games to me
WCS_Avalon> anyway, no hotshot
WCS_Avalon> no russians
CitizenSoldier> and is overalll asshole
WCS_Avalon> they cost too much
BERT> You can pay the irish in potatoes
BERT> And they add in a kneecapping for free
CitizenSoldier> U DO WHAT U MUST
CitizenSoldier> I RATHER DIE,
WCS_Avalon> actually, the irish are as bad as the scots in that regard
CitizenSoldier> SO FUCK OFF
WCS_Avalon> they can be nasty fuckers
WCS_Avalon> for no reason too
WCS_Avalon> until you get them drunk
WCS_Avalon> you will comply hotshot
WCS_Avalon> you will bend to my will
WCS_Avalon> i will make you my GIMP
WCS_Avalon> with your own GIMP suit
WCS_Avalon> and cage
CitizenSoldier> iM sure by now even Bert and Wildcat sees how sick u are
WCS_Avalon> with a little zipper in your latex suit by your ass
WCS_Avalon> strap you down
WCS_Avalon> and have lots of big
WCS_Avalon> bad
WCS_Avalon> black men
WCS_Avalon> rape you
WCS_Avalon> over and over again
WCS_Avalon> nah
WCS_Avalon> i'm a sweetheart
WCS_Avalon> you just bring out mr not-so-nice
CitizenSoldier> ... re=related
WCS_Avalon> http://www.noonefuckingcares/aboutyourlinks.html
CitizenSoldier> i dunno why u so sick
GH_Wildcat> lol
CitizenSoldier> i really dont want to talk with you
WCS_Avalon> i thought thats what you wanted?
CitizenSoldier> sick fuck
GH_Wildcat> You're a sweetheart avalon? wow this is news to me.. lol
CitizenSoldier> i thought u decent
WCS_Avalon> being anally raped by big black cocks
CitizenSoldier> even slightly decent
WCS_Avalon> yes i am young scott
CitizenSoldier> but u totally fucked up
BERT> Oh shit that's 7 am.
BERT> I've been watching Last of the Summer Wine all night
BERT> lol
WCS_Avalon> i am a very happy-go-lucky chap
CitizenSoldier> Let Caneh see this shit
WCS_Avalon> with a skip in my step
GH_Wildcat> until someone pisses u off lol
WCS_Avalon> sure, bring him in
CitizenSoldier> maybe he open his eyes
WCS_Avalon> thats true