[size=85:3jpwqe96]Singularity University



Jonathan Zittrain – Civic Technologies and the Future of the Internet ... -internet/

Andrew Hessel on the Future of Synthetic Biology ... c-biology/

Dan Barry on the Future of Robotics ... -robotics/

Daniel Kraft on the Future of Medicine ... -medicine/

Ralph Merkle on the Future of Nanotechnology ... echnology/

Andrew Hessel: Intro to Synthetic Biology ... c-biology/

Larry Smarr – Supercomputing and the Human Brain ... man-brain/

Vint Cerf – The Internet Today ... net-today/

Bob Metcalfe discusses the Enernet ... e-enernet/[/size:3jpwqe96]

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[size=85:3c0fte7l]Singularity summit 2009


Anna Salamon -- Shaping the Intelligence Explosion

Anders Sandberg -- Technical Roadmap for Whole Brain Emulation

Randal Koene -- The Time is Now: As a Species and as Individuals we Need Whole Brain Emulation

Itamar Arel -- Technological Convergence Leading to Artificial General Intelligence

Ben Goertzel -- Pathways to Beneficial Artificial General Intelligence

Stuart Hameroff -- Neural Substrates of Consciousness and the 'Conscious Pilot' Model

David Chalmers -- Simulation and the Singularity

Gary Drescher -- Choice Machines, Causality, and Cooperation

Ed Boyden -- Synthetic Neurobiology: Optically Engineering the Brain to Augment Its Function

Marcus Hutter -- Foundations of Intelligent Agents

William Dickens -- Cognitive Ability: Past and Future Enhancements and Implications

Ray Kurzweil -- The Ubiquity and Predictability of the Exponential Growth of Information Technology

Béla Nagy -- More than Moore: Comparing Forecasts of Technological Progress

Robin Hanson -- How Does Society Identify Experts and When Does It Work?

Future of Scientific Method Panel

Gregory Benford -- Artificial Biological Selection for Longevity

Ray Kurzweil's second talk -- Critics of the Singularity

Brad Templeton -- The Finger of AI: Automated Electrical Vehicles and Oil Independence

Gary Marcus -- The Fallibility and Improvability of the Human Mind

Peter Thiel -- Macroeconomics and Singularity

Aubrey de Grey -- The Singularity and the Methuselarity: Similarities and Differences

Changing the World Panel -- Peter Thiel, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Aubrey de Grey

Anna Salamon's 2nd Talk -- How Much it Matters to Know What Matters: A Back of the Envelope Calculation

Gary Wolf -- The Petaflop Macroscope

Eliezer Yudkowsky -- Cognitive Biases and Giant Risks

Jürgen Schmidhuber - Compression Progress: The Algorithmic Principle Behind Curiosity and Creativity

Venture Capitalist Panel

Michael Nielsen -- Quantum Computing: What It Is, What It Is Not, What We Have Yet to Learn

Michael Nielsen's 2nd Talk -- Collaborative Networks In Scientific Discovery

Stephen Wolfram -- A Conversation on the Singularity[/size:3c0fte7l]

[size=85:1bsjhbmj]TEDMED 2009

Craig Venter at TEDMED 2009

Anthony Atala at TEDMED 2009

David Blaine at TEDMED 2009

Bill Davenhall at TEDMED 2009

David Agus at TEDMED 2009

Jamie Heywood at TEDMED 2009[/size:1bsjhbmj]

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[size=85:2qvbp8ek]Foresight 2010 Conference videos

Foresight Institute was founded to guide emerging technologies to improve the human condition but focused its efforts upon nanotechnology, the ability to engineer materials and products with atomic precision, and upon systems to enhance communication for policy decisions.

[size=85:382rzpgl]Humanity+ UK2010 -konferenssi ... 09F684DA21

How will accelerating technological change affect human mental and physical capabilities as well as the environment in which we live? Humanity+ UK2010, a one-day conference in London on 24 April 2010, gathers together some of the leading thinkers to discuss these and many other topics. Panel talks are at the end. [/size:382rzpgl]



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