Miksi kannattaa pitää koira kytkettynä?


Siksi että musti voi joutua pahoille teille: oheisesta uutisesta ei käy ilmi kumpi teki aloitteen eikä koiran sukupuoli.

Transvestite had sex with a dog at English Heritage castle

The cross-dressing man was caught with the animal in the dry moat of King Henry VIII's Pendennis Castle overlooking Falmouth Bay in Cornwall.

The 33-year-old mounted the pet after it chased him out of sight of its woman owner.

The owner had been walking around the ancient castle with a friend when the pair spotted the lone transvestite on the morning of Saturday July 10th at around a quarter to twelve.

He was wearing a black dress and walking around the steep-walled, empty moat.

As the two ladies spotted the cross dresser he ran away. Later one of the dogs chased after the man; by the time the women had caught up, the man was having sex with the pet.

Castle staff then restrained the man while police were called.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstop ... astle.html

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