Menneisyys ei olekkaan kiveen hakattu?


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Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn't Set in Stone:

Recent discoveries require us to rethink our understanding of history. "The histories of the universe," said renowned physicist Stephen Hawking "depend on what is being measured, contrary to the usual idea that the universe has an objective observer-independent history."

Is it possible we live and die in a world of illusions? Physics tells us that objects exist in a suspended state until observed, when they collapse in to just one outcome. Paradoxically, whether events happened in the past may not be determined until sometime in your future -- and may even depend on actions that you haven't taken yet. ... 83103.html

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Tämä liittyy kvanttimekaniikan monimaailmatulkintaan. Artikkelissa viitataan John Wheeleriin, joka toimi Hugh Everettin väitöskirjan ohjaajana vuonna 1957.