Vedensuodatusta netistä tutkiessani tärmäsin tällaiseen saittiin.
Siellä väitetään että happamat tuotteet kuten soda on elimistölle epäterveellisiä ja lasi soodaa vaatii 28 lasia vettä neutraloituakseen. HaH!

Kuulostaa aika tuubalta.
Mites sitruuna tai appelsiinimehu?

En ihan purematta niele.

Saitti vaati rekisteröitymisen ja lähettävät "oppitunnin" päivässä.
Alla eka oppitunti.

Lopussa ilmeisesti myyvät ionisaattorin.



Welcome to Ionizer Oasis's five day crash course on alkaline water
and water ionizers. If you're ready to learn about the healthiest
drinking water on the planet, and exactly how to recreate it in
your own home (even with awful source water!), then you've come to
the right place.

In this series of emails, you will learn everything you need to
know about alkaline water, its effects, and how to best use it in your lifestyle. Also, you'll learn all about the variety of
machines and filters we offer, as well as how to choose the best
one for you.

Even if you know nothing about pH, ORP, alkaline water, or water
ionizers, you will get the education you need to make a smart
decision for your health and wellness. Whether or not you
ultimately get involved with a water ionizer is up to you.

Our goal is to make sure that if you do choose to purchase an
ionizer or other filter, you'll be making an educated decision and
turn into another satisfied customer. So let's get started!

Lesson One:
"Alkalinity and You - How an Alkaline Diet Can Improve Your Health"

Most people hear about water ionizers for one reason - they're
interested in drinking alkaline water. Books like "Alkalize Or
Die" by Theodore Baroody have recently become popular due to a
growing awareness of the benefits of alkaline water.

So what is this growing trend all about? What really is the
importance of an alkaline diet?

Well, the human body finds its natural balance at a pH of 7.3.
We'll get further into pH in our next lesson, but for now, just
know that pH 7.0 means something is neutral, above 7.0 means it is
alkaline, and below 7.0 means it is acidic.

This means that our body is NATURALLY alkaline in its composition.
This is a balance that is maintained at all costs by our body
processes. Meaning our bodies will always be working to keep our
blood at 7.3 pH.

The more acidic food/drink/substances that we feed into our body, the harder our body has to work to maintain this alkaline balance.
The harder we make our body work, the more easily illnesses can
form as a result.

Studies have been done to show that almost ALL of today's most common health issues can be linked to a combination of dehydration
and over-acidity of a person's diet.

Illnesses like chronic headaches, diabetes, obesity, acne,
indigestion, and numerous others have all been individually
linked to this lack of balance in the body.

By maintaining a well-hydrated alkaline diet, you're helping your
body in truly countless ways.

So when we're looking into an alkaline diet, what are the key foods
to avoid?

Soda is the absolute worst thing you can put in your body. Sodas
have been measured at a pH of 2.3, acidic enough to dissolve human
teeth! It can take up to 28 glasses of 7.0 pH natural water to
balance out the acidic consequences of one glass of soda.

Other common acidic foods are fatty, greasy foods, particularly red
meat and certain nuts.

Foods that are great to eat would include many of your green
vegetables, certain fruits, certain fish, and certain teas. For a
more extensive list of alkaline and acidic foods, check out this
chart: ... -chart.pdf

Now I know what you may be thinking. "I'm not going to change my
entire diet! That's too hard and no fun." Don't worry, I'm the
same way! But by taking out key acidic elements of your diet (like
removing soda), and having a diet rich in alkaline water from a
water ionizer, it becomes very easy to start living a far more
balanced lifestyle. It's not hard at all.

I personally began feeling more energetic, seeing a faster recovery
after my workouts, and simply enjoying an overall better mood after
achieving the alkaline balance in my body. Let me tell you, it's
worth it!

Well, that's it for today's lesson. Congratulations! You're
through one fifth of the course. Tomorrow we'll be going in-depth
on the topics of pH and ORP. We'll discuss what they really mean,
and how you can improve your health and well being by understanding
how these two elements are affecting your body every day.

Talk to you soon!


Noah Tyrrell
Co-Owner Ionizer Oasis

PO Box 29502 #84699
Las Vegas, Nevada 89126-9502

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Sooda on emäksinen aine, mutta voinee vaatia tuon määrän neutraloituakseen. Jos tarkkoja ollaan, se ei taida edes neutraloitua, mutten tunne kemiaa niin hyvin, että uskaltaisin vannoa.

Ehkä se toimii amfolyyttinä, ehkä ei. Dunno.

Jees, olet oikeassa.

Huomasin itsekkin virheeni postattuani.
En kuitenkaan ruvennut sitä korjaamaan koska systeemi heittelee ulos koko ajan ja jokainen viesti vaatii uuden rekisteröitymisen.

Jännityksellä myös odotin kuka siihen puuttuu, ei paha.

Tässä firmassa tuntuu olevan kaupallinen ote voimakas.
Pitää seurata loppuun saakka kuinka ne aivopesee meikäläisen viidessä päivässä ostamaan ionisaattorin.

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