Kansallisen Historia Päivä/National History Day


Hei, nimeni on Alex and I am working on a National History Day project on Finland in World War II and have recently advanced to the national level of the competition to be held near Washington D.C. representing my school in Iowa. I am wondering if there is any Finnish historian or some one who majored in Finnish history or is in any other way reliable (for bibliographical purposes) who could answer these questions I have about Finland in World War two in relation to this year's theme, "Debate and Diplomacy: Successes, Failures and Consequences in History".
*Note*: Please don't recommend i try Wikipedia, we aren't allowed to use it in our final bibliography.
1. Why did Germany begin attacking Finland on Suursaari Island marking the beginning of the Lapland War? Weren't evacuations of German troops going peacefully?
3. Did the Wars Finland fought in World War Two solve any disputes that they had internally or externally with the Soviet Union besides the territorial disputes?
3. What were major debates that resulted from the war that may still be argued today in Finland or not?

Thank you for your time!

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