The "western christian world" is blaming Islam and the Muslims for violence. However, we have to look at the history to make some points clear. The Goths (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians) arrived to Europe in est 100 AD. The Goths came to Mid-Europe (Thuringia) through Turkey, Greece and Italy. Prior the precence of the Goths, there was no weapons in Europe. And since the Goths arrived, more than 100 million people have being killed World wide because of the influence of the Goths. Between 300-1600 AD 1/3 of the European population was killed by the Goths (also called Black Death).

In est 790, the Goths attacked modern England and in est 800 they arrived to modern Scandinavia area. The Church history tell: " Located in Sweden; suffragan to Hamburg (990-1104), to Lund (1104-64), and finally to Upsala (1164-1530). This diocese, the most ancient in Sweden, included the Counties of Skaraborg, Elfsborg, and Vermland. It was founded about 990 at Skara, the capital of the country of the Goths (Gauthiod), the whole of which it embraced until about 1100, when the eastern portion of the Diocese of Skara was formed into that of Linkoping.

At the beginning there was no strict division of the country into dioceses, and the missionary bishops went about preaching wherever they would. Thus it is that, though Odinkar Hvite the Elder was apparently the first bishop stationed at Skara about 990, Sigurd, a court bishop of King Olaf Tryggveson of Norway, is named as the first Bishop of Skara in the list of bishops written down about 1325 as an appendix to the Laws os the Western Goths (Vestgotalagen). It is added that he founded three churches in Vestergotland, and he also seems to have baptized Olaf Skotkonung, first Christian King of Sweden, at Husaby near Skara in 1008. "

After 800 AD the Getae arrived to modern South-Sweden. The name of the land was The Coyntry of The Goths, Gauthiod. So the modern "Sweden" -name used is misleading. Sweden did not exist prior 14'th century, nor did Norway. The capital of Gauthiod was Skara and the first king according to the record was Olaf Skotkonung. Old maps show that Vermland was located in modern South-Norway at the time. If Sweden or Norway is mentioned in the history books prior the 14'th century, the information is incorrect. The Getae (Goths) did never leave modern Sweden, they arrived there 800 AD.

" and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. "
When the Goths moved noth, their power decrease in south. People started to defend themself and the Gothic dominance ended by the wars in South- and Mid-Europe. The only areas today that can be connected to the Goths are modern Denmark, Sweden and Norway. However, the Goths got influence in all countries first of all through the Gothic church, but later on science: " and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. ". Holocaust took place in the Middle-East, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America - and everywhere where the cross with a tortured, bleeding man was brought. People was crucified, tortured, burnt alive, captured and soldas slaves etc. So religion and violence is of Gothic origin and "teaching" was spread even to the Middle-East areas. There has never being any "witches", or "pagans" - for real - those were only excuses for killing more people of the original population of Europe. Nor does the Devil and Hell exist as described. Because the victimes usually felt the pain of hell (tortured for days) and saw the devil(s) BEFORE he/she died. The Romans and Jews has being blamed for killing Jesus, however, crucifying people has never being a Roman or Jewish tradition. In Suomi, people was tortured, burnt, they were ripped in pieces and the bodyparts were placed on poles along roadsides till est 15'th century.

The Number of the Abnormal Man
" Rev 13:18 This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666. ". 616/666 is the number of a man and it has nothing to do with a spiritual being. So the Devil, Satan, whatever name, it does not exist like it has being described. In Suomi, the name "piru" is used. The ancient name is "pero" and it's Lingual DNA (LDNA) is OE.ER.PE. PE.ER.OE. The LDNA means "orphan abnormal people". In short, the P. is a latin abbrivation for "people" and the EROE is Suomi for "different, abnormal". So the name is used for an abnormal man/people. Because the 616/666 is connected to history, it is waste of time trying to calculate the name of "the coming beast", it's already here. And because the numer and name is connected to history, it must be connected to the Alphabet. So the only way to get the name, is by knowing the Alphabet. By the recent findings the number of the beast is also 616 which might be confusing. Well it is not, because the 616 and 666 is the "same number". Prior 300 AD the number was 616 because the C -letter was used in the name. After 300 AD, the G -letter was added in the Alphabet and the number changed to 666.

The name in correct historical (alphabetical) order is:
Zetae, Zetäe, Zetöe, Zetåe,äe,öe.
Cetae, Cetäe, Cetöe, Cetåe,äe,öe. (prior 300 AD, the c was used in the name)
Getae, Getäe, Getöe, Getåe,äe,öe. (after 300 AD, the G was added in the alphabet)

Lingual Genetics show that most translations and transliterations of ancient documents is wrong because it has being made after "power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. " (see the website for details on how the names are calculated).

The European Identity of The Goths
The Goths lost modern Finland area to Russians and Carelians in 1809. When the Goths lost their power in Europe, they were afraid to loose all. They must find a way to prove they are original Europan people and hide the Gothic past and all names related to it. The first theory in that direction was made up by Petrus Bång and Olof Rydbec of Sweden 1678 telling all successful races and all great religions was of Gothic origin. It also said that Atlantis was sunken outside Vaxholm in Sweden, and that Adam and Eve was Swedes and Adam worked as a bishop in Kaelkestad in Sweden. Those theories was kept alive for a while, but was of course proven wrong.

The Viking Age and Pure Royal Race Theory
The next one was the Viking Age based on pure racism. The viking age and "the royal race that have never being mixed with another race" is a medieval, racistic fairytale. It can be proven wrong by cuple of lines: In modern Scandinavia there has being made certain amount of findings (the facts). Of those findings "The Viking Age" fairytale was created. It has never being proven that the findings in modern Scandinavia area whitout doublt are made by the Scandinavians. Regardless how much have being written since the first "saga", the amount of words don't not prove anything, because all that has being written since the first one, is based on a fairytale. As a matter of fact, most of the Ancient History of Europe is a medieval fairytale.

The "pure royal race" and Viking Age -theory led to race science. The first racial institute "Statens institut för rasbiologi" was built in Uppsala Sweden. The first manager of the institute was Herman Lundborg. A similar one was later built in Germany and the Gothic ideas was later adopted by the Nazis. In 1926 the first book of the Swedish Race was published by Herman Lundborg together with F. J. Linden: The Racial Character of the Swedish Nation.

Freedom of Speech
In my opinion, humiliating on purpouse something that is known as holy for the Muslims, was "digging blood out of the nose". Especially when we know how the situation has being the past 2-3 years. If we look back in the history, and in the details, there are similarities in the Danish propaganda and the Nazi propaganda prior WWII. In my opinion the "Never Again" include all people and everyting that is based on violence, slavery, and destruction the past 2000 years. The Freedom of Speech include a great deal of responsibility. The Danish insultive publications of Mohammed is called "freedom of speech", but it certainly does not follow the Guidelines of Freedom of Speech.

Violence is never a good sollution. The history like it has been presented the past 200 years has being focused on serching differences and separating people. That goes for the faiths as well. In total, more than 100 million people has being killed World Wide because of racistic, medieval and pre-medieval theories. That's the basic reason for the situation of today. How about doing the opposite? The main issue has never being how you look like. The main issue has always being what you see (read) and what you hear (speech). Those two things are the only things that affect your mind and your behaviour and finally forms what You are.

Those who are in faith today, regardless faith, are all victims of the past. Those who today are educated from the wrong books are not educated, they are misled and teaches wrong. Those who are misled can learn, change and teach right. Those who has being misled can throw off the burdon of the past, rise, and develope as intelligent human beings again. The brains and soul was given to each and everyone so we can learn, develope and find.

Regardless what your color is, regardless what gender you are, regardless what faith you are and regarless what size and shape your skull is, it does not matter. The only thing that matter is what you have inside the skull and how you use it. The bottom line is that the entire history must be revised using modern methods, technology, knowledge and an objective mind. Then we learn from the past and we don't do the same mistakes all over again. The Truth may hurt, but in the long run, it is always better to build on the Truth.


Kommentit (99)

This calls for widom
Speech, language, grammar and the Alphabet are strictly connected to time. When you read the characters of the Alphabet, you read the Lingual Chromosome pairs. A single LC -pair is built up by Vocal-Consonant (EL) or by Consonant-Vocal (BE). The amount of characters in the Alphabet decrease through history meaning that the grammar change. Many today known languages merge, and some of them disappear. This process continues until a certain amount of characters are left. Those characers belong to the Language A.

By studying languages using Lingual Genetics, we find that the current description of languages is not true. The Lingual Genetics show that the language we use in our daily life, whitout any doubt and in deeper sense, affect our mind and behavior. By using Lingual Genetics, we also find the Language A, the First Language (KIELI A).

When we look back in how the history has being described the past 200 years, we notice something strange. The history my grandparets learnt in school, is today false history. The history my parents learnt in school, is today false history. The history I learnt in school, is today false history. And parts of why my children learnt in 2002, is today false. So we can expect that what is told by history books of today, is false "tomorrow".

The reason is that the past 200 years, the history partly has being built up by certain amount of facts (findings) and based on those facts, a fantasy story has being created (a theory). Some of the original theories presented in medieval times are presented as "true history" today, even if the original theory by no menas don't meet the criteria of modern science and knowledge.

The only work-around the mess is that we take the original theory, push the authors fantasy aside and work from the facts. However, we may not forget the author's fantasy even if it has being proven wrong. Because the fantasies in many ways have had, and still have, impact on people World wide. And even if the teaching has being wrong, we learn by it by not making the same mistakes again.

The modern Suomi -language is one of the European languages that is most close to Language A. Even if the Gothic pressure has being high for 2000 years, the language has survived in the North. The Pope Innocentus VI:s protection letter in 1249:

" Innocencius episcopus, seruus seruorum Dei, venerabili fratri episcopo et dilectis filiis clero et populo Finlandie, salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. Sacrosancta Romana ecclesia deuotos et humiles filios ex assuete pietatis officio propensius diligere consueuit et, ne prauorum hominum molestiis agitentur, eos tanquam pia mater sue proteccionis munimine confouere.

Eapropter, dilecti filii, vestris iustis postulacionibus grato concurrentes assensu, adinstar felicis recordacionis Gregorii pape, predeccesoris nostri, vestras et diocesin Finlandie sub beati Petri et nostra proteccione suscipimus et presentis scripti patrocinio communimus. Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat honeste proteccionis paginam infringere nel ei ausu temerario contraire. Si quis autem attemptare presumpserit, indignacionem omnipotentis Dei et beatorum Petri et Pauli, apostolorum eius, se nouerit incursurum. Datum Lugduni vi kalendas Septembris pontificatus nostri anno septima. "

Registrum Ecclesiæ Aboensis, R. Hausen 1890.

Jesus says: " And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. "

Matthew 16:18-19.

The "Keys of Peter" equals to "language". The Language A is protected by The Heaven, God, Jesus and Peter. The Language A is protecte by The Law of The Laws. Regardless faith and what names are used for The Heaven, God, Jesus and Peter in the language and faith, the Language A connects them all. The Law of The Laws is valid even today.

on this rock : The World
the keys : The alphabet, The Grammar
kingdom of heaven : Knowledge of and by Heaven
whatever you bind on earth : Whatever language is created of A
shall be bound in heaven : is connected to History > Heaven
whatever you loose on earth : if the Language A is lost
shall be loosed in heaven : The access/connection to History > Heaven is lost

Why has it not been known? Because "power was given him (616/666) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations". Because of that, nearly all translations and transliterations of ancient writings are wrong.

Why the protection?
Modern Suomi -language connects all ancient cultures. Speech, language, grammar and the Alphabet are strictly connected to time. The amount of characters decrease by the history. Some languages disappear, some change because of the changes in the grammar, and many languages merge in to one. That goes for the faiths as well.

To find it, it calls for wisdom.

Bomt Kneder
Ei noita Matin juttuja kukaan lue kuitenkaan. Ne ovat yhä omituista tajunnanvirtaa ihan kielestä riippumatta.

Noooh, siinä tapausessa sinun pitää todistaa esim. että n.k. viikinkiajan löydökset nimenomaan ovat skandinaviasta akuperää ja että ruotsi-suomi joskus on ollut olemassa. Jos esimerkiksi niitä ei pysty todistamaan, niin kaikki väitökset ovat "omituista tajunnanvirtaa ihan kielestä riippumatta".

Matti E Simonaho
Bomt Kneder
Ei noita Matin juttuja kukaan lue kuitenkaan. Ne ovat yhä omituista tajunnanvirtaa ihan kielestä riippumatta.

Noooh, siinä tapausessa sinun pitää todistaa esim. että n.k. viikinkiajan löydökset nimenomaan ovat skandinaviasta akuperää ja että ruotsi-suomi joskus on ollut olemassa. Jos esimerkiksi niitä ei pysty todistamaan, niin kaikki väitökset ovat "omituista tajunnanvirtaa ihan kielestä riippumatta".

Todistustaakka on aivan kokonaan sinulla. Sinä esität täysin järjettömiä väitteitä joiden ainoa lähde on sinun mielikuvituksesi.

How do you recognize a false prophet?
The 10 commandments was given prior christianity, ask him/her about the faith prior christianity. It all cannot have being pagan, because the 10 commandments was given to people by Him prior christianity and "pagan" is a far much later christian definition.

He gave the 10 commandments to people prior christianity, then there must have being a pure faith prior christianity. Ask him/her, what happend to it and the people? Those people are today known as "The lost Tribes of Israel" - they are not lost, they are only "forgotten" because of false history. You are one of them.

Ask him/her about the date Jesus was born and the original name of Jesus. A false prophet does not know it. Use the original name. Remeber that "power was given him (616/666) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations", The original name protect you and feed the Holy Spirit.

Ask him/her about the real name of God, a false prophet does not know it. Use the original name. Remeber that "power was given him (616/666) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations". The original name protect you and feed the Holy Spirit.

Ask him/her what "prophet" mean, a false prophet does not know it.

People are usually frighten by descriptions of "hell" and "devil" if they are not faithful. Ask him/her to prove the existens of hell and the devil. If he/she cannot give anything else than words, and the fright, he's a false prophet. Because hell and devil does not exist. The "devil" or whatever name used is not a spiritual being. The 616/666 is the language code and mind of "abnormal people". The language of "abnormal people" blocks the knowledge. The more the knowledge is blocked, the more "abnormal" people behave/become. (Think: if a child is raised up by an animal, the child behave like an animal).

Ask him/her about the mening of Fish -symbol. If he does not know the full meaning (the teaching) of the Fish -symbol, he's a false prophet.

In spiritual meaning, everything that feeds the Holy spirit is of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. A false phophet usually define some or all customs, traditions etc that feed the Holy Spirit as "paganism", "witchcraft" etc. (Think: If Jesus had lived during the Age of Witchunt, whitout any doubt, he'd being tortured, burnt, or atleast being crucified).

A Woman carries and finally give birth to A Child. A Child is pure, innocent and represent The Continuinity of the Holy Spirit and Him. A false prophet put the Man in frot of a Woman and Child. The Truth is that as human beings, Man and Woman are of eqal value. In spiritual meaning, A Woman is more important than A Man. Think: A Woman carries the Continuinity of the Holy Spirit. A Woman cannot be less worth and A Man, and A Child cannot be a pagan because A Child represent the Continuinity of the Holy Spirit. Even if A Woman in spiritual meaning is more important than A Man, in A Child, A Man and Woman are eqal. How the Child develope as a human being in all meanings, depends on the teaching after the birth.

A false prophet usually look for excuses for and speak for conflict instead of peacful sollution. Those who truly work for peace and understanding, are The Children. Remember, "power was given him (616/666) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations" and there has being many false prophets in "all tongues, and nations". Don't look for differences (conflict), look for similarities (sollution, undestanding, peace) and build future on them.

Study The Bible and remember "power was given him (616/666) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations". Wherever there is a teaching, ask as a parent: "If I teach my Child this from 1-20 years every day (not meaning you have to do it), what is/might the result be?". Rememer that what's symbolic to an adult, the Child take by word because he/she's pure.

The teaching of a prophet can be in conflict. If a prophet say: " All human beings are equal in front of Him. The child is a pagan if not touched by me " = conflict. Regardless where you are listening to a prophet and notice a conflict in the teaching, stand up and speak. Because by doing that, you speak for Him and teach the people around you - even the prophet.

Learn to listen. Note the difference if someone say:
"I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt ... .. ." and
"Lord/God said; I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt...".
especially when adressing to children it is important the "Lord/God said; I am the ... .. ." is in front. Because otherwise what's put in the childs mind is that the speaker is "the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt ... .. . "

Remember that a parent don't teach a child how to cut his finger because she/he cut his finger in the past. The past is there to learn from. The less scars there is in the future, the better the future is.

Remember "power was given him (616/666) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations". Regardless the faiths of today, all people of today are victims. Look for teachings that equals as parents and as children and build on them. Because evrything that equals, equals to Him.

Keep the 10 Commandments in mind and when a prophet speak, use them as a reference. Remember, no-one is allowed to take His place. A.

A prophet/teacher does not know the future. If a prophet/teacher say:
" The sky will fall down in March 2006 " he's a false prophet/teacher - The sky has never fallen down in the past. The only one way for a human being to "know the future" is by knowing the past. When the teaching is based on the knowledge of the past, that's the future of The Children of Tomorrow. In very short terms: If you teach by the bad in the past, the prophecy is: The future is bad. Teach by the good of the past and the knowledge on how to avoid the bad in the past, the prophecy is: The Future is good.

The Teching and "knowledge" of Today is based on National Identity written the past 1500 years. If we forget the National Identity, what do you got?

mä olen muistaakseni lukenut mattia sekä nyky- että muinaissuomeksi useanpaankin otteeseen, vaikka matti kerran katsoikin mielestäni suoranaisesti ylen näkökantaani, jonka mukaisesti niitten riimukivien kohdilla saattaisi olla kyseessä jonkinasteinen käännöstävirhe, mutta kuten sanottu, että: nythän onpi hyvinkinpitkälti niin, että saattoihan siinä mullakin käännöstävirhe toki olla...emmä sitä sillä taikka tätäkään tällä...enkä oikeastaan millään, kun mun aluperästä piti sanoa, että mikäli kenelläkään meistä ei olisi ollut tippaakaan mielikuvitusta, niin eihän ihminen edes eikä takaskaan lentäisi...ei edes koneella, vaikka siinä pätevät toki säännöt muut...

Read the 10 Commandments. Compare to the World History. The Teaching by Him never change. How many times have the teaching by "prophets" changed the past 1500 -years?

"The Children of Israel" don't refer to what we know as Israelians today. The 10 Commandments was given prior the National Identity.

26 Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."
27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Let us refers to Him and a Female ("female" is/represent the "Holy Spirit"). In Christianity A Woman is hidden in "Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit" simply because women was not accepted in the early christianity and She was not suppose to be seen or heard (see history).
in the image: The "image of Him" is the first letter in the alphabet: A, but also "image" by body and mind. What you see, is seen in The Heaven. What you hear, is heard in Heaven.
male and female : The image of male and female is AA and if we merge the AA we got M="Child": AM = "AEM" (amen) = "Truth".

The truth is that A Man and A Woman are equal. The teaching says "A represents Him" (A is the 1:st letter), AA represents A man and A woman (equal). Merge the A -letters, you got the M = (A Child) AM = "AEM" (amen) = "Truth".

So if we forget the National Identity, every Child born today, is "A Child of Israel", but it "Calls for Wisdom" to understand.

Now you can figure out what's said every time "AEM" (original) is said. The teaching has not always being by "AEM". Why not? Look in the history.

26. Ja Jumala sanoi: "[1] Tehkäämme ihminen [2]kuvaksemme, kaltaiseksemme; ja vallitkoot he meren kalat ja taivaan linnut ja karjaeläimet ja koko maan ja kaikki matelijat, jotka maassa matelevat".
27. Ja Jumala loi ihmisen omaksi kuvaksensa, Jumalan kuvaksi hän hänet loi; [3]mieheksi ja naiseksi hän loi heidät.

1. "Tehkäämme" viittaa Häneen ja Naiseen. Varhaisessa lännestä tulleessa suuressa viisaudessa Nainen kielettiin. Hänen piti olla "hiljaa seurakunnassa" ja piilossa. "Isä, Poika ja Pyhä Henki" -sanonnassa Pyhä Henki on Nainen.
2. A -kirjain on aakkosten ensimmäinen kirjain: Jumalan kuva. Ja niitä on kaksi.
3. AA edustaa Miestä ja Naista. He ovat Jumalasta ja saman arvoisia. Kun yhdistämme AA:t saamme M kirjaimen joka on Lapsi. A+A=M joka on sama kuin AEM, eli "Totuus".

lisäys: AEEM EMAE tai AAEM EMAA ("aem emae" tai "aaem emaa") : "Jumalan totuus" (huom.: "maa").

AEM on nykyään "A[MEN]" koska "men/man":sta tehtiin aikanaan Jumala. Naista ei saanut olla lännestä tullun "sivistyksen ja uskon" mukaan Isän ja Pojan välissä.


Käytkö Matti missään töissä, tai teetkö jotain elantosi eteen?
Miten sinulla tuntuu aikaa riittävän tehdä tätä hienoa ja tosi tieteellistä tutkimustyötäsi?

"Kenet jumalat tahtovat tuhota, sen he lyövät ensiksi sokeudella. "

Kyllä Matti kirjoittaa asiaa.

Olemme kaikki yhtä ja samaa energiaa eli luojaa eli älykästä suunnittelijaa.

Naisien arvo pitää nostaa omalle tasolleen.

Ja mistäpä muualta tuo alkaa kuin Suomesta ja leviää ympäri maailmaa.

Täällähän tämä maailmankaikkeuden toimintatapakin selvitettiin.

Arvatkaapa kun esim. Suomen sihteerit tekevät lakon, niin siinähän ne ovat johtajat, jotka siirtävät yleensä kaikki omat työnsä sihteereille, ihmeissään.

Jokainenhan tietää, että sihteerithän ne johtajien työt tekevät, joten johtajien lakosta ei mitään ihmeellistä edes pääsisi syntymään.


Tokihan naisten omaama pyhä henki tarvitsee miesten pyhää henkeä lisääntymiseen, mutta nykyisinhän tuo miesten pyhä henki saadaan varastoitua, joten kyllä naisten pyhä henki on jopa aavistuksen tärkeämpää kuin miesten.