Hmm, mielenkiintoisia uutisia tänään. Valko-Venäjän vanha lippu ei saa liehua, eikä Unkarissa Jobbikin sanomasta kauheasti heru lehdistoon. Ja jokainen tutkija leimataan varmaan natsiksi. Niinhän se on helpointa...

Mutta siis jos miettii lippuhistoriaa, ja nykylippuja, ja vaikkapa punaisten ja valkoisten sotaa, niin mitä tämä siinä kontekstissa tarkoittaa mielestäsi?

"I propose to all who do not wish to believe me, they should study the facts. I hope, I could help a little all those who did not know this part of history or all those who were misled by false allegations.

The use of the swastikas as national symbols or on flags

While there is a concentrated effort to smear the flag of the House of Árpád, there is no mention of the fact that back in the 1930-s there was an organization in the United States of America, which used the swastika on the red-white pinstripes. Not only that, the swastika was painted on some military airplanes, and was used as a symbol on the uniform of some military units. In the Soviet Union, the swastika appeared on some banknotes, and designated for a certain military ranking. Once Hitler instituted its use, they stopped to the use of it in those two countries. No one mentions ether, that Mussolini has used the Italian Fasces, which is a Roman symbol – twigs held together by hand –, today it is used by a large European country. So the double standard should be stopped, and criticism should be applied evenly. If the 900 hundred year old Hungarian striped-flag (eight stripes) could be smeared as nazi or fascist, because the Hungarian Arrow-Cross party used similar, but not same striped (nine strips) flag, in conjunction wit other symbols as it was described, then this kind of outrageous and baseless reasoning could be applied to the American flag, too. The most disheartening of the whole sorrow affair is that some of the elected Hungarian officials are also taking part in this distasteful campaign.

I should mention also that the swastika is an ancient symbol. Its use goes back to the Neolithic, representing the Sun and the rebirth of nature."



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