Peter Hitchens, edesmenneen maailmankuulun Christopher Hitchensin vähemmän maailmalla joskin Britanniassa tunnettu veli, yhteiskuntakriitikko, toimittaja ei tunnetusti säästele sanojaan Main Onlinen kolumnissaan.

Hitchens kehoittaa Britanniaa joko luopumaan Trident-ohjuksista tai sitten suuntaamaan ne Brusseliin, sillä siellä on Britannian suurin uhka.

[size=150:2z7wsyx0]Trident missiles are useless (unless we're prepared to point them at Brussels)[/size:2z7wsyx0]

The real danger to this country comes from our supposed friends in the European Union and the USA, who have successfully subjugated and bullied us without a shot being fired.

The EU makes our laws, plunders our territorial seas and decides our foreign policy. The USA compelled us to surrender to a gang of armed criminals operating from the Belfast back streets and the hedgerows of South Armagh.

We are forbidden by Brussels to control our own borders, so opening them to socially and economically destabilising mass immigration. ... ionship-1/



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