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In the bowels of Berlin's past - Nazi-era bunkers
by aljazeera 2006-03-13
Under modern buildings shooting skywards from Berlin's avenues and squares, the layered history of the city is being unpeeled by historians and archaeologists - with sometimes controversial results. From Nazi-era bunkers to Cold War nuclear fallout shelters, underground Berlin is now breaking surface - and serving as a growing tourist attraction. "Every time, the numbers we show round are growing," says Michael Foedrowitz, a historian and consultant with the Berliner Unterwelten, a group of historians, archaeologists and urbanists which has been opening up underground Berlin to visitors.

A virtual tour of Hitler's "New Chancellery" is causing an uproar
by Deutsche Welle 2006-03-17
In late Jan 1938, Hitler called in architect Albert Speer. "I have meetings with important people and I need grand halls and rooms with which to impress them." And a year later, the testament to Nazi power was finished. The New Chancellery's stern exterior was sparsely decorated and featured a statue of a nude soldier carrying a sword. Inside, the corridor was 300 meters (328 yards) long. There was a court of honor, a mosaic hall, a round hall and a marble gallery. The reception hall was 146 meters long, twice that of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Hitler's office was a staggering 400 square meters with 10-meter high ceilings. The chancellery was Hitler's pride.

Stalin's shame wiped WWII's greatest battle from history
by theaustralian 2006-03-13
Few Westerners have heard of the greatest battle of WWII, fought on a scale never matched in western Europe. The Russians wrote the battle of Moscow out of their history books after their suicidal bravery smashed the myth of German invincibility. More than 7 million combatants took part, compared with the 4 million at Stalingrad and the 2 million at Kursk. The Soviet Union lost 926,000 soldiers killed, more than the British lost in all of WWI. Initially, the blitzkrieg attack left the Russians in disarray. The Red air force lost 1200 aircrafts on the first morning. Stalin retreated to his country house for 36 hours until his commanders demanded his return.

A huge Nazi gun filled 16 rail cars
by shelbystar 2006-03-20
Ed Smith and his buddies weren’t the ones who stopped a huge Nazi railway gun that could have wiped out London, but they recognized history when they saw it. Soldiers in the Army’s "C" Battery, 182nd Field Artillery Battalion, came upon the behemoth — so large it filled 16 rail cars — in Northern France, after an Allied air attack had stopped it in its tracks. If it had been installed as planned on the French seacoast and aimed at England, its 50-mile range could have destroyed that city.

Aryans on the Altar; Swastikas on the Church Bells
by spiegel 2006-03-16
A Protestant parish in Berlin has grabbed an ethical dilemma by the horns with an appeal for funds to save Germany's last Nazi era church. The building's interior is full of Third Reich symbols. The aim is to turn it into a place of remembrance. The stark entrance hall is lit by a black chandelier in the shape of an iron cross. The pulpit has a wooden carving of a muscular Jesus leading a helmeted Wehrmacht soldier and surrounded by an Aryan family. The baptismal font is guarded by a wooden statue of a stormtrooper from Adolf Hitler's paramilitary Sturmabteilung (SA) unit clutching his cap.

4000 German corpses stored in a Czech factory for 3 years
by bbc 2006-03-18
The exhumed bodies of thousands of German soldiers killed in World War II have been stored in a Czech Republic factory for three years, reports say. The remains include soldiers who fought across eastern Europe during the war. The remains have been stored in containers in the town of Usti-nad-Labem until the German association draws up final plans for their permanent burial.

Little Willy, a Play About Hitler's playboy Nephew
by broadwayworld 2006-03-03
"little Willy is a humorous production that tells the little-known true story of the devil-may-care playboy William Patrick Hitler – who also happened to be none other than Adolf Hitler’s estranged nephew. The show exposes William’s life as a skirt-chaser, VW Beetle car salesman and United States Naval soldier and reveals publicly for the first time the secrets that he used to bribe his notorious uncle.

Massacre in Velke Mezirici - A commando from Hitlerjugend
by praguemonitor 2006-03-04
South Bohemian police have ascertained the circumstances of a massacre that occurred at the end of WW2 in Velke Mezirici. The findings would help police uncover persons responsible for the massacre. However, this will not be enough putting the perpetrators to trial since it is still necessary to question possible eye-witnesses living in Germany. During the massacre that happened on May 7, 1945, 63 people died. At the time when the war ended at most places in Europe a commando of young people from Hitlerjugend decided to punish people who joined the new local authorities.

Two stories behind collection of 100 uniforms
by dailysun 2006-03-02
Military exhibitor Charles Covucci has a collection of 100 uniforms from WWII. A New York native, he came up with the idea of collecting military uniforms while attending a Veterans' Day dinner-dance. Before the evening was over, he had, or was promised, six uniforms. From there, it mushroomed. I soon had uniforms from all (U.S. military) branches, even added my father-in-law's from WWI. I have Maj. Gen. David Dozier's uniform. You may have heard of him, captured by the Germans during the campaign in Italy, then rescued.

The hell of loving Hitler - Eva Braun
by timesonline 2006-03-13
She was Hitler’s lover for 14 years. But few know the truth about Eva Braun. Now, private diaries reveal a woman in her sexual prime tortured by her passion for the Führer. Erich Kempka, Hitler’s personal chauffeur, called Eva Braun "the unhappiest woman in Europe". Albert Speer said: "Eva Braun will be a great disappointment to historians." Chroniclers of the Third Reich have followed like sheep. There has been little research into her life and until now she has been dismissed as a lightweight who was not worth investigating. As a result, Eva Braun has never been given credit for the skill with which she managed her role at the heart of Hitler’s private life.

Green Nazi silk robe with a gold eagle and a swastika
by charleston 2006-03-17
Someone donated a strange silk robe to the American Military Museum last month. The robe is green with a gold eagle and a swastika on the right breast. It is undoubtedly cut for a woman. A couple of weeks ago, a German tourist was making his way through the Military Museum, and he recognized it immediately - it was, he said, a robe from a Nazi state-sponsored brothel. Despite the Nazi regime's condemnation of prostitution, by 1939 the government itself had opened several brothels for the troops' morale. Given the naval eagle on this robe, it would seem every branch of the military had its own home port.

Latvian Waffen SS Vets Honor Their Dead
by themoscowtimes 2006-03-17
Dozens of aging veterans from a Latvian Waffen SS unit celebrated Mass in Riga's Dome Cathedral before heading to a WWII cemetery to honor 50,000 comrades who died in battle. Some Latvians regard the Latvian Waffen SS as heroes who fought not for the Nazis, but for Latvian independence against Soviet occupiers. Some of the veterans say they regarded the Nazis at the time as the lesser of two evils. Soviet forces occupied the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in June 1940 but were driven out by the Germans a year later.

Nazi's secret atom bomb project - Ferry with a cargo of "heavy water"
by nowplayingmag 2006-03-14
The outcome of WWII was in doubt in 1942 and ’43, and would certainly have been influenced by a Third Reich with atomic weapons capability. One of the most daring resistance operations was the 1944 sinking of a Norwegian ferry with a cargo of so-called "heavy water" destined for the Nazi’s secret atom bomb project. Hitler’s Sunken Secret documentary includes first-person interviews with survivors aboard the ship and the sole living Norwegian saboteur who helped to sunk it. A salvage expedition team explores the bottom of a Norwegian lake with a remote-operated vehicle in order to find the sunken ferry and haul up one of its long-lost barrels.

Museum acquired a rare M-36 Jackson tank destroyer
by newstimeslive 2006-03-07
Tank destroyers were meant to combat the big-gunned, heavily armored German Tigers and Panthers that "badly outclassed" the American Sherman tanks during the war. They were basically fast, lightly protected gun platforms firing shells that could penetrate the German armor. Their survival — and that of their crews — depended on speed and elusiveness, rather than heavy armor. Only about 1,500 M-36s were manufactured, and they reached the front in 1944, replacing older, smaller tank destroyers like the M-10 Wolverine and M-18 Bearcat.

Leading ladies of the Third Reich
by haaretz 2006-03-15
Austrian historian Anna Maria Sigmund succeeds revealing the brutal insensitivity of the leaders of the Third Reich. She writes about Magda's fury upon discovering that the fuehrer had brought his mistress, Eva Braun, to the Nazi party convention in Nuremberg in Sept 1935. Magda had always thought of herself as the only woman worthy of Hitler's attention. Three months earlier, miserable over Hitler's indifference toward her, Braun had attempted suicide for the second time. She swallowed 20 sleeping pills, but was saved by her sister, Ilsa Braun, who was returning a dress she had borrowed.

Search of Nazi leader Hermann Goring's private train and safe
by washingtonpost 2006-03-21
Alden Todd was a writer and WWII parachute infantryman whose wartime exploits included a search of Nazi leader Hermann Goring's private train. Because he spoke fluent French and knew some German, he was assigned shortly after V-E Day as a driver-interpreter in southern Germany, where Hitler and several high-ranking Nazis maintained vacation estates. A captain inspecting Goring's private train ordered Private Todd to translate documents found in the Nazi leader's safe. He told the captain that the documents were difficult to understand but that they had something to do with Germany's attempts to split the atom, an almost meaningless concept to the young soldier.

Prince Philip talks frankly about his family's links with the Nazis
by dailymail 2006-03-06
Prince Philip has broken a 60-year public silence about his family's links with the Nazis. He said they found Hitler's attempts to restore Germany's power 'attractive' and admitted they had 'inhibitions about the Jews'. The revelations come in a book about German royalty kowtowing to the Nazis, which features photographs never published in the UK. They include one of Philip at the 1937 funeral, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms. Another one shows his sister Sophia sitting opposite Hitler at the wedding of Hermann and Emmy Goering. "There was a lot of enthusiasm for the Nazis, the economy was good, we were anti-Communist and who knew what was going to happen to the regime?"

The day Hitler took a King-hit
by theadvertiser 2006-03-02
The huge insignia which once adorned the battleship Admiral Graf Spee is a trophy which recalls the vaunting pride of Nazi Germany and its humiliation by the Royal Navy in Dec 1939. The Graf Spee was a dangerous novelty, a hybrid with the broadside of a battleship, the speed of a cruiser and oil bunkers which enabled it to steam 15,000km without refuelling. Such a formidable warship had one purpose: to intercept and sink merchant shipping in distant waters. Together with its sister ships, Deutschland and Admiral Scheer, the Graf Spee was a surface raider which would haunt the world's shipping lanes.

Remains of two second world war tanks found on the beach
by Archant Regional 2006-03-04
Remains of two second world war tanks found on the beach at Titchwell. The exposed rusty remains of the tanks offer an insight into the 1940s when the beach was used by the Royal Tank Regiment as a practice range. The squadrons that may have used the tanks were the A Squadron, the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards, the 13th/8th Hussars and the 27th Lancers.

Descendant of Goering converts to Judaism
by independent 2006-03-06
"I used to feel cursed by my name. Now I feel blessed", said physiotherapist Matthias Goering, a descendant of Hermann Goering. He says he did not have a happy childhood. His great-grandfather and Hermann's grandfather were brothers, and that was enough to ensure problems after the fall of the Third Reich. His father, a military doctor, was a Soviet POW, but returned with his anti-Semitic views intact. "When times were hard our parents would say to us, 'You can't have that, because all our money's gone to the Jews.'" Other descendants of Nazis have trodden the same path. Katrin Himmler, who's uncle was the SS commander Heinrich Himmler, married an Israeli.


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