sorry, if this is not interesting for you, but i want to discuss the problem of free music in the internet.

there are many sites where you can
download music.
You don't have to pay for it because you can find free music downloads.
there is a kind of war between singers that don't like free online music
and people that doesn't want to pay and looks for free mp3 music download

i think that music must be almost free because lot's of people just can't afford buing music and they try to dowload music for free.

may be not every music download must be free
i can't imagine one who looks for free piano music. if it is really qualitive it may cost money...

but if you download pop music you should not pay
eeryone can download music
so what is your opinion on this subject?
do you download online music

i used so many links just to check BB-code... actually i've neevr used it before...
there is nothing interesting there. don't click.



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