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...Turning to Masdar, BusinessGreen said Masdar confirmed that the floating turbine project off the coast of Scotland "has been operating at 65 per cent capacity." In other words it "churned out 65 percent of its maximum theoretical capacity," EcoWatch said, "during November, December and January."

A typical capacity factor for an offshore wind farm in winter stands at 45-60 per cent.

EcoWatch detailed why this matters to those staying tuned to the potential of wind farms of this nature: Floating turbines were deployed before, mostly in small-scale projects. One example is the 7-megawatt system built by the Fukushima Wind Offshore Consortium.

"In contrast, the Hywind's five floating turbines produce 6 megawatts each on top of waters more than 328 feet deep. At full capacity, the facility can generate enough power for 20,000 homes."

BusinessGreen asked, as the Hywind project surpasses expectations, "are floating renewables ready for launch?"

Bader Al Lamki, executive director for clean energy at Masdar, said the results were encouraging for the industry as a whole. Statoil's executive vice president for New Energy Solutions, Irene Rummelhoff, made the point in BusinessGreen that up to 80 per cent of the offshore wind resources globally were in deep waters and they saw "great potential for floating offshore wind."

Meanwhile, seeing how technologies can harness offshore projects does not stop with wind turbines. Solar farm visionaries show interest too." .

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Sisältö jatkuu mainoksen alla

USA:ssa aktivistien sanoma kuuluu tietysti:

Ilmastonmuutos aiheuttaa kylmenemistä.

Tässä he ovat aivan oikeassa, tämän hetkinen kylmä sää on ilmastonmuutosta, joka johtuu auringosta

Eivät kai aktivistit niin tyhmiä ole, että kansa enää uskoo olemattoman määrän 0,0410 %  CO2 aiheuttavan kylmenemistä

Olisivat nyt hiljaa, kansa alkaa jo nauraa heille.

Suomessakin vihreät olivat valjastaneet  urheilijat puhumaan ideansa puolesta. Odotellaan, miten ”kevät vastaa” tähän sanomaan.

Lumen määrä sen kun kasvaa koko ajan,  sataako CO2 taivaalta lumen mukana, jolloin ilmasto viilenee?

‘Cooling Is Warming’: Climate Hoaxters Panic As US Freezes, Media Provides Cover

America enjoys a winter filled with tons of snow and frigid cold weather and out pops the Climate Hoaxsters to assure this kind of weather only further proves our planet is getting, um… warmer.

This current Climate Hoaxster freak-out is largely in reaction to .

Naturally, this launched a million reactionary headlines from our oh-so objective, unbiased, not-at-all left-wing media.

“Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron,” screamed Esquire.

“Debunking the utter idiocy of Donald Trump’s global warming tweet,” pouted CNN.

“Here’s Why the Crazy Cold Temperatures Prove Global Warming is Real,” Forbes says reassuringly.

“What Trump keeps getting wrong about Global Warming,” the Washington Post helpfully reports.

But here is my personal favorite headline from, where else?, NBC News…. “Yes, it can be this cold outside in a time of global warming.”





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